Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility in all of its four key areas (people, marketplace, environment and community) is integral to the way we do business at Rider Levett Bucknall.


At Rider Levett Bucknall we value, respect and leverage the unique contributions of people with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives to provide exceptional customer service to an equally diverse clientele.

We invest in a number of initiatives to help employees grow and excel, such as learning and development opportunities tailored to different life and career stages.


Rider Levett Bucknall is committed to being one of the world’s foremost construction cost consultancies and leading strategic advisors to our clients. To achieve this, our directors engage with the industry to encourage and support its development and strength through exemplary leadership and advocacy. Our innovative business processes, sustainability leadership and overall business success have been rewarded across the globe.


We recognise that stewardship for the environment is core to sustainable business development and is of ever-growing importance to the Built Environment as a whole.

Our leadership in RElifing® is one example of our commitment to helping create a sustainable environment.


Rider Levett Bucknall believes in doing well by doing the right thing. We go beyond just saying so, and go on to prove it through our actions.