Condition Data Collection, Education & Skills Funding Agency Condition Data Collection, Education & Skills Funding Agency

Condition Data Collection, Education & Skills Funding Agency

Client: Education & Skills Funding Agency, Department for Education

Services: Building Surveying


To address the condition of the school estate for long term future investment, the Education & Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) commissioned a programme to undertake School Condition Data Collection Surveys.

The programme involves visiting more than 22,500 education establishments and is one of the largest condition data collection exercises of its kind ever to be undertaken in Europe.

The Details

Following the initial set up stage, the programme began in March 2017 and is currently on-going. It involves the Condition Surveys of all 22,500 Nursery, Primary & Secondary schools across England, of which RLB has been allocated 5600 schools to complete over 30 months.

Each complete school survey produces the following outputs as required by the ESFA:

  • A full set of building condition data, collected by an appropriate Building Surveyor
  • A full set of M&E condition data, collected by an appropriate M&E Surveyor
  • A detailed Site Plan to be drawn using AutoCAD Maps using surveyor observations
  • Wide range of photographic evidence to support condition grading

These 4 areas are collated into a formal report made viewable to the school and other stakeholders.

RLB has laid concrete foundations to enable the operational & technical success of the programme over the next 2.5 years.

The data collection is done via an on-field mobile/tablet app named Kykloud, which has an associated desktop version utilised by the PMO team consisting of Programme Managers, Administrators and CAD technicians.

Having had prior experience working with schools, RLB was aware of one of the biggest challenges to come; gaining access & booking appointments at busy, vibrant schools. Regular programming and clear communications have been key in keeping this issue to a minimum.

Post survey, using guidelines set out by the Programme Lead, RLB has developed an in-house Quality Assurance process to ensure all survey data and additional requirements are checked and challenged before being approved. This has also come in the form of conducting shadow audits on site.

RLB is currently visiting 350 schools per month.

As a follow on to this programme, RLB’s appointment has been extended to survey Further Education Estate with 61 colleges throughout England.