RLB’s depth of experience in all aspects of the property cycle enables us to deliver mature and innovative solutions for property, construction, and facilities sector clients in seven principal areas:

Asset Advisory

With total operating costs amounting to several times the initial capital cost, clients are increasingly focused on longer term strategies that span their investment horizons and beyond, to ensure they are able to consider the impact on value at all points in a property’s useful life. RLB works with owners and occupiers of buildings to ensure that they are able to take full account of the total impact of their buildings and can advise on many alternate methods of identifying and accounting for assets.

RLB is expert in the following strategic services:

  • Total asset management planning to ISO standards
  • Asset recognition and rationalisation
  • Cost/benefit analysis
  • Sustainability and environmental performance issues
  • Whole-life cost modeling

RElifing of Assets ®

RLB is a pioneer in using building life-extension and repositioning studies to realise and optimise the use of buildings. This methodology identifies if, when, and where to spend money to capture remaining asset values and extend the life of existing buildings.

Facilities Consultancy

Facilities management is the business practice of optimising people, process, assets, and the work environment to support the delivery of the organisation’s business objectives. As acknowledged thought-leaders in the facilities management field, RLB works with a diverse range of clients to enhance facilities performance through:

  • Facilities management planning
  • Building Quality Assessments (BQA)
  • Facilities and operational performance audits
  • Maintenance planning and operating expenditure forecast
  • Performance reviews and benchmarking
  • Post-occupancy evaluations
  • Space audits and utilisation studies

Building Surveying

RLB works closely with major developers, corporations, fund managers, financial institutions, and property owners and tenants to understand, maintain, and enhance the value of their built assets. The firm’s expertise includes:

  • Condition/dilapidation surveys
  • Compliance advisory
  • Conservation and heritage surveys
  • Tenancy make-good reinstatements surveys

By combining a practical knowledge of construction issues with a strong understanding of property law, RLB offers a multi-faceted building surveying service that is and responsive to the client’s needs. The firm’s understanding of local markets enables us to deliver a solution that is appropriate to your specific requirements.

Risk Mitigation and Due Diligence

RLB understands that clients and stakeholders are increasingly requiring more detailed information to ensure a level of confidence is achieved and maintained in terms of enhancing value and mitigating risks. The firm can conduct risk assessments to review the scope of required work, identify project risks, prioritise key issues, provide risk analysis and develop risk management action plans for your strategic asset/facilities plan or next capital works project.

RLB can provide key advisory services targeted at risk mitigation, including:

  • Review of the scope of required work
  • Identification of project risks
  • Capital expenditure forecasting
  • Prioritisation of key issues
  • Risk analysis and customized risk-management action plans

In addition, RLB’s expert services extend to specific associated property risks, among them:

  • Insurance replacement cost assessments
  • Technical due diligence (for owners, vendors, purchasers and tenants)
  • Services procurement, outsourcing, compliance, and supply chain issues

Property Taxation

RLB recognises the financial, compliance, and management benefits that can be achieved by adopting taxation advice from professionals who understand the business of property. The firm provides its clients with advice on capital allowances and property tax assessment and depreciation, inventories and asset registers, and changes in tax legislation to enable them to optimise their entitlements and potential for existing assets and new projects. Its experienced and qualified staff can provide proactive reporting and analysis of how taxation changes may affect a client’s real estate decisions, including capital gains tax, land taxes and rating assessments, and stamp duty.

RLB’s experience in property taxation covers all asset types. Data has been retained and compiled over many years to enable the firm to produce dynamic models that can quickly produce accurate indicative analysis for all property situations.

Procurement Strategies

RLB develops procurement strategies that provide a systematic means of analysing the costs and benefits during project development, before any commitment is given to a particular option, including:

  • Clear definition of project objectives
  • Identification of practical ranges of options
  • Quantification of the costs and benefits of each option
  • Consideration for qualitative aspects
  • Identification of the preferred option and development of action plans

RLB can examine the issues and assist in the development and evaluation of a project or service delivery with vast experience and knowledge of value enhancement through:

  • Needs analysis and brief definition
  • Feasibility studies
  • Develop, own and lease options
  • Contractual arrangements
  • Project monitoring and certifications
  • Value engineering/management workshops

Our services do not deal with asset creation and capital projects alone. RLB’s expertise and experience extends to property transactions, services procurement, outsourcing operations and supply chain management. RLB is uniquely positioned to provide independent and specialist advisory services and supplementary support to a client who wishes for certainty in contractual outcomes.

Litigation Support

RLB has a team of highly seasoned professionals with considerable expertise in the litigation arena. The firm offers comprehensive front-end, claims management, and dispute resolution services, and has particular expertise in scope definition claims appraisal, documentation, and negotiation; expert witness and determination; and arbitration and mediation.