Cost Management & Quantity Surveying

The skilled cost management professionals at RLB use many tools when creating a plan that optimises the relationship between the cost and quality of a project and a client’s cost objectives. The services offered by the firm to achieve these objectives are:

  • Preparation of preliminary elemental estimates based on preliminary design
  • Preparation of detailed estimates and cost planning advice throughout design development
  • Estimating of building services
  • Participation and leadership in the value management process
  • Comparative cost studies and advice on cost effective design solutions
  • Advice on materials selection and general buildability advice
  • Advice on selection of tenderers
  • Attendance at design meetings and construction control meetings

Feasibility Analysis

An accurate, reliable feasibility study is an essential prerequisite to any procurement decision-making process. Feasibility studies assess the viability of a project over its expected life and indicate the probable return, either at the point of sale or over a period of time, generally using discounted cash flow techniques. They can also assist in the process of obtaining project financing, as well as highlight variables that have the greatest impact on project returns.

Whether it’s a simple developer’s return on capital cost feasibility or a detailed discounted cash flow feasibility based on a range of rates of return and risk sensitivity tests, RLB can provide expert analysis and materials.

Financial Institution Auditing

RLB takes a two-step approach to financial institution audits.

At the pre-commencement stage, the firm looks beyond the items identified in the financier’s brief, and expands upon it with a full analysis of all risk-related issues, providing a comprehensive profile of the project.

During the post-contract stage, the company provides detailed cost-to-complete assessments. This ensures there are adequate funds should the financier be required to initiate step-in rights.

To provide effective financial management of the development process for the duration of the project, RLB will prepare a pre-commencement report including auditing project costs and the adequacy of project documentation, monitor authority approvals, prepare progress payment assessments and recommendations, and prepare cost-to-complete assessments.

Post-Contract Services

RLB ensures the successful performance building contracts by applying proven cost management, monitoring and cost reporting procedures, as well as through managing a productive working relationship with the project team.

To ensure efficient progress as specified in the cost plan, the firm will:

  • Review progress claims for work in progress and recommend payment values
  • Monitor documentation changes
  • Prepare regular financial statements forecasting final end cost
  • Measure, price, and negotiate variations
  • Structure agreement of final account
  • Attend meetings to represent the financial interests of the client

Tendering and Documentation

Among the tendering and documentation services offered by RLB:

  • Preparation of bills/schedule bills of quantities or schedule of rates
  • Preparation of bid documentation for tendering contractors
  • Strategic advice of method of project procurement and tendering
  • Advice on suitability of contractor tender lists
  • Review of tenders received, reconciliation to budget, and recommendation of contractor
  • Attendance at tender interviews

Value Management

RLB offers a strategic value-management process that is dedicated to assisting with the improvement of value obtained in capital expenditure. This is achieved through participatory workshops which challenge option and design assumptions and encourage creative and lateral thinking for better value solutions.

The integration of value management with cost management results in a powerful and dynamic approach to the economic management of projects, especially during the design process.