Asset Optimisation

Our commitment to our clients is founded on our expert knowledge and passion for delivering quality projects that truly satisfy owners’ and stakeholders’ needs and demands. We do this by leveraging our expertise and lessons learned, to anticipate challenges and turn them into opportunities for long-term facility success.


From pre-construction, through construction, to turnover, our primary goal is to afford clients the level of certainty they need to make critical, real-time decisions to ensure the commercial success of their projects. Our highly seasoned team of professionals, including scheduling specialists, claim consultants, and Alternative Dispute Resolution professionals, are expertly skilled in all aspects of constructions, such as contract administration, forensics, expert testimony, scheduling, litigation support, and dispute resolution.

Forensic Investigation & Architecture

Our team is made up of experts, who investigate the design or construction of a project to identify what went wrong and what the root cause was. Our investigations can include tracing building failure, an injury, or simply a failure to meet the standard of care.

Claims Analysis & Management

Our dedicated team of specialists includes claims preparation and defense experts who, working alongside each represented parties’ lawyers, can provide strategic advice, management, negotiation and resolution of claims through adjudication or alternative dispute resolution.

Expert Witness

Our breadth of experience affords us the ability to prepare comprehensive design and construction claims, counterclaims, and formulate claim defenses of the highest professional and technical quality. Additionally, our services extend through all aspects of resolution whether an expert report is needed or expert witness testimony services are required at a mediation, arbitration, or trial.

With RLB you always know that you will get timely, thorough, complete, accurate and cost-effective advice and work-product. Working with John and his team for the past 15+ years, I never have to worry.

J. Gregory Cahill, Member - Dickinson Wright PLLC

Dispute Resolution

We recognize that not every project will run smoothly. On any construction project there can be differences of opinion regarding plans and specification requirements, disputes, change orders, delays, and events/issues that require prompt decisions by the owner and contractor. The question is not whether these types of issues will arise, but how they will be handled when they do.

At RLB, you will have access to our dispute resolution staff, as well as our network of nationwide industry experts and consultants that we have developed over the years. This enables us to provide you with the appropriate expertise for real-time, on-site dispute resolution through: Dispute Resolution Boards, Project Neutral, Mediation, or Arbitration.

Standard Of Care

Design professionals are subject to professional expectations from both the community and the client. These expectations are collectively known as the standard of care. The standard of care is the basis against which design professionals are measured to determine whether they are performing to a level of legal competence.

As an expert witness, RLB represents design professionals. We understand that the standard of care is not evaluated against perfection; rather, it is compared against a standard consistent with the work of other design professionals doing similar projects. Errors and omissions that fall short of this ‘norm’ constitute a failure to meet the standard of care. RLB analyzes claims of errors and omissions to provide expert opinions on whether a design professional failed to meet the standard of care.

Litigation & Arbitration Support

For matters where we are not engaged as an expert witness, RLB provides specialized consultant services. We have a team of highly seasoned professionals with considerable skill in the litigation arena, providing the expertise you need. Our in-depth experience includes standard of care for design professionals, delay analysis, damage computations and defective construction. We also manage documents to support litigation and arbitration, help strategize on approach, and provide illustrative exhibits, among other efforts which support your litigation and arbitration needs.