In contributing to project certainty, we provide clients with the knowledge, resources, and tools necessary to make confident and informed decisions. By fostering confidence in our clients, we are empowering them to bring imagination to life on their projects by shaping the future of the built environment.

Cost Management & Quantity Surveying

Our team of cost management specialists and quantity surveyors are industry-leading professionals who provide clients with the knowledge, resources, and tools necessary to make confident and informed decisions. From conceptual and detailed cost estimating, cost planning, cost control and construction risk management to bid and contract documents, financial administration of construction contracts, and dispute resolution analyses, our clients rely on our overall dedication to the integrity of their projects.

Cost Estimating & Management

In planning, designing, and constructing projects, cost is of prime importance. It is continually present from concept through successful building occupancy and use. RLB plays a major role in managing construction costs against the budget. Our construction cost managers perform alternative cost studies and cost control throughout the design development, value engineering, and construction phases, including negotiation through the change order process.

Cashflow Modeling

Engagement of RLB early in the project development phase to reconcile planned versus actual expenditures ensures our clients can maximize gain by effectively managing the opportunity costs of their investments and weather any external risks.

Working collaboratively with our clients, we apply technical and management expertise supported by input from subject matter experts to develop cashflow curves (Budget vs Actual vs Earned) throughout the project’s progress. RLB implements the Earned Value Management (EVM) concept to accurately calculate key performance indices, such as the Cost Performance Index (CPI), Schedule Performance Index (SPI), and Risk Performance Index (RPI). Our EVM concept can be applied at the project as well as the overall master program level.

Risk Management & Assessment

Risk Management

In order to provide our clients with the ability to make confident, informed, and timely decisions, and to eliminate wasteful spending and avoidable delays, our team of experts will work diligently to manage elements of risk for your project.

Risk management entails implementing the project risk management plan. By tracking risk, we will be able to effectively manage individual risk items, develop mitigation efforts, and continue to evaluate the efficacy of the risk management plan and prevention strategies.

Risk Assessment

Our goal is to help stakeholders identify potential risk, before it costs them time and money. Our risk assessment services occur early in the timeline of a project and involve qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Our team will identify project risks and prepare a comprehensive risk management plan that establishes how risk will be managed, categorized, and evaluated.

My relationship with Rider Levett Bucknall spans over a decade. In my experience, RLB has been instrumental to project success, assembling project teams that provide a value to throughout the life of a project. Their people are highly skilled in their fields and demonstrate a commitment toward serving the best interests of their clients.

Paul McElroy, Principal, McElroy Consulting LLC


Project Analysis & Reporting

Our goal is to provide the knowledge and resources that clients and project stakeholders need to make confident and informed decisions. Through the filter of our expert lens and utilization of proprietary systems, RLB’s project analysis and reporting services enable us to provide vital, comprehensive information to our clients.

Feasibility Studies

A reliable feasibility study enables us to provide an informed response at the early stages of a project, to assess the viability of the project requirements, and to offer alternative solutions, if appropriate.

Our cost benchmarking data, together with cost modeling, can be used as a dynamic tool to review alternative design options and explore ‘what if’ scenarios to identify the most cost-effective solutions within the parameters of the scope.

Cost Planning

Cost Planning is a methodology that informs and controls design development to ensure alignment with available funding. This service enables us to carefully monitor the cost during the pre-construction design phase. Throughout the pre-construction design phase of a project, our cost plans evolve in detail and accuracy as more information becomes available about the design.