Team Performance

Team performance is an essential part of achieving project success. We collaborate and manage the dynamics of a project team to allow members’ work to contribute to effective communication, transparency, and partnership, to safely and successfully meet project goals.

Project Management

At RLB, our project management strategy is to deliver successful outcomes to property and construction projects by tailoring our services to match client goals and needs. Our expert team of project management specialists are adept at compiling robust contracts, integrating multi-faceted project components, and directing the efforts of the design and construction team. We combine our strengths to assemble the best team appropriate for each client and project.

Procurement Strategy & Management

Selecting the correct procurement strategy for a project is key. Based on our client’s principle objectives in relation to cost and schedule certainty, risk, quality of design, workmanship and program, we can undertake a review of these objectives, and provide recommendations for the procurement strategy which best achieves these objectives.
Selecting the most appropriate team is equally important. We can evaluate the most suitable designers, contractors, and suppliers for a project based upon scope, content, complexity, procurement, and the need for specialist knowledge and innovative thinking.

Contract Procurement & Administration

Contract Procurement

Not every client has a background in construction, and it is our goal to aid clients in navigating the construction process seamlessly. Once procurement strategy is set, RLB will oversee the solicitation process, review the terms of contract, review the quality of bids, and provide a recommendation for approval. This service enables us to assist you in building the most capable and skilled team of contractors and subconsultants for your project.

Contract Administration

RLB’s understanding of the construction process enables us to provide best practice tools, systems, and procedures for contract administration. Using RLB’s templates, our specialists provide value-add to the construction phase by evaluating the quality and timeliness of contract documentation provided by project team members.
RLB contributes to the development of a complete and accurate project record through project reporting. We document project progress, highlight project risks, and evaluate consultant, contractor, and vendor deliverables. We also provide cost management support ensuring changes in the work are sufficiently identified and resolved as needed to meet the project budget and schedule.

Site Management

RLB has managed a variety of properties, and construction sites, on behalf of our clients around the world. We have developed in-house tools, templates, procedures, and processes that have proven efficient and effective in successfully managing site-specific requirements for all stakeholders.
RLB’s role as a site manager demonstrates one of our core strengths: promoting project and team performance through oversight of resource utilization, schedule and risk management, and compliance with health, safety, and building ordinance regulatory requirements.

RLB was instrumental in assisting the Greater Boise Auditorium District as we assessed construction costs and implementation for a $45 Million convention center expansion. They offered extremely beneficial analysis and advice when meeting with construction representatives and project owners. I look forward to working with them again!

Patrick D. Rice, Executive Director, Boise Centre

Specialist Consultancy & Coordination

RLB utilizes their internal specialists and a broad network of specialty consultants to ensure that all aspects of the project design are realized. Coordinating the scope, quality, activity, and responsibility of team members is one of the most underplayed services in today’s construction industry. Where specialty consultants are required, having a well prepared and coordinated specification – that is clear for all parties during design and construction – can save time, resources, and money. This can be the difference between a successful project and one that fails.

Design Management Support

Our design management consultancy combines our knowledge of the construction industry with an understanding of how design can align with corporate and financial objectives, helping clients future proof their design and construction.
Our design management team ensures that the strategy of construction is in line with the larger business strategy, and that the outcomes of the design activity meet the project’s business and financial objectives. To ensure the user experience is a priority, our team supports clients to bring practicality, functionality, and a real understanding of the construction industry to the design management process, without compromising on aesthetics or innovation.

Construction Document Management

Construction document management is more than the distribution of information. RLB evaluates the quality and timeliness of information to facilitate communication in an efficient and organized manner. Additionally, RLB analyzes project information to identify potential risks, such as cost and schedule changes, allowing owners to make informed decisions.