Commercial Success

Our approach to achieving commercial success is optimizing the relationship between quality and cost, as well as quality and time. Our team of specialists are skilled in identifying challenges before they arise and providing solutions to help mitigate the risk of a jeopardized schedule or compromised budget.


RLB understands that time is money. Whether your scheduling needs are for an entire portfolio or a program, our team of specialists have the knowledge to prepare, update, analyze, and advise on schedules, risks, impacts and delays. Our primary goal is to afford clients the level of certainty they need to make informed decisions relating to time to ensure the commercial success of their projects.

Project Schedule Management

Our scheduling services span a diverse and wide range, from the preparation of baselines and schedule updates for contractors to auditing contractor schedule submissions. RLB can assist contractors in providing cost and resource loaded schedules, as well as coordinate pull planning sessions with trade partners and assemble linear/location-based schedules. Public agencies and other construction owners trust RLB’s expertise in performing technical analysis and audits of contractor submitted schedules. We leverage our experience to ensure that contractor submitted schedules are compliant with contract requirements, identify risks to timely completion, and provide an independent and objective analysis that predicts accurate project completion milestones.

Program Scheduling

RLB integrates program strategies with comprehensive risk assessment to create realistic master schedules to govern a multitude of projects. To provide an accurate and predictive schedule that achieves client objectives, we leverage the input of the client team, key consultants, and our scheduling specialists to define deliverables and deadlines.

Additionally, RLB can provide project teams with requirements for creating project-level schedules, ensuring key content responds to and informs the performance of the master program schedule

Forensic Scheduling & Damages Quantum

Construction project disputes cannot always be avoided. Inevitably, some projects encounter difficulties and there is a need to seek expert advice. RLB has provided independent and unbiased advice on a wide variety of projects that have quantum and schedule/delay issues. As change order impacts/delays turn into claims and the unfortunate dispute, RLB can assist from prospective analyses of quantum and schedule impacts to retrospective forensic quantum and schedule analyses. This allows us to provide objective and convincing expert opinion and testimony.

The City of Sacramento took on the daunting task of design and renovation of three significant facilities simultaneously. The RLB team was instrumental in laying out the strategic plan to sequence all three projects concurrently. RLB provided an innovative leadership approach creating the opportunity for all teams to work together seamlessly.

Jody Ulich, Director, City of Sacramento

Public Program Coordination

The success of a project is often defined by the requirements set forth by public policies, programs, and organizations that help govern the built environment. At RLB, our experience working with a wide variety of project stakeholders across multiple project types means that we can assist our clients with expertly navigating public programs. Our industry experience and expertise ensure that we can facilitate alignment between program objectives and local requirements. We also coordinate communication and oversight throughout the project lifecycle.

Operational Management Consulting

RLB provides strategic advice to our clients regarding their operational practices, organizational structure and governance. We collaborate with our clients to understand the division of responsibilities and allocation of resources, then leverage our industry and technical knowledge to benchmark against their competitive set and deliver recommendations that streamline and enhance operations. Our team’s strategic management insights, combined with our expertise in design and construction, deliver exceptional value and provide our clients with the confidence that their facilities are being operated in an efficient manner that aligns with industry best practices.