Sustainability & Carbon

Green Building Accreditation

Sustainability & Carbon

Green Building Accreditation

Environments greatly influence our quality of life. In today’s building market, tenants prioritize sustainability, choosing healthy and sustainable environments to live and work in. With 40% of greenhouse gas emissions stemming from buildings, green buildings are on the front-line for confronting climate change, boosting resilience, improving wellbeing, and advancing community equity.

Thoughtful, and sustainable design focusing on creating healthy environments with abundant light, clean air, use of healthy materials, and utilization of highly efficient modern construction are all fundamental tenets of green building. Accreditation systems such as LEED, WELL, Fitwel, and the Living Building Challenge offer the opportunity to measure and be recognized for your forward thinking in creating a sustainable environment. RLB’s experts are professionally accredited with each of these leading organizations and can support you with every step of the certification process.

Attain the best standards

Green building accreditations exist to set a standard of excellence within our built environment. While we work to align our skillset to help you achieve your desired sustainable outcomes, green building accreditation systems create the requirements/framework for which we measure that success. Choosing the standard that best aligns with your budget, your schedule, and your community needs can be a formidable task. There is an array of standards across the industry, let us help you compare and select the best certification that fits the needs of your project.

Bringing certainty and confidence to the challenge of designing and constructing a certified green building

Once the best accreditation for your project has been selected, the next step is to navigate the intricate process of designing and constructing a certified green building. By leveraging our expertise in sustainable construction practices, we can provide comprehensive support to ensure that your project meets your desired environmental standards. We are able to streamline the green-building process by utilizing our cutting-edge tools - such as our global proprietary cost estimating application and databases - , offering you reliable guidance every step of the way. With RLB by your side, you can navigate the complexities of a green building certification with assurance, knowing that you have a trusted partner dedicated to achieving your vision for a sustainable future.

Incorporate value and return on investment

Investors interested in sustainable development recognize the risks associated with climate change and evolving regulatory requirements, thus they seek out opportunities that deliver a greater social return on investment. Green building certifications not only enhance the asset’s value by attracting environmentally conscious tenants, but they also command premium rental rates, and with rising market demand for resilient development this results in greater value. RLB’s experts help you design and construct green certified buildings that minimize their carbon footprint, are resilient to the impacts of climate change, reduce operational costs, and are healthier work and living environments resulting in increased retainage of tenants. Building certifications like LEED, WELL, and Living Building Challenge are some of the standards that crucial to your capital and asset plans that bring a greater return on investment.

Sustainability & Carbon


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