Addressing COVID-19 - AE Community, Preparing for Recovery

April 3, 2020.

The extent of the COVID-19 pandemic is evolving with startling speed. As with any crisis management, both emergency response and planning for recovery must happen simultaneously. As we’ve seen within a very short period of time, governments have issued stay-at-home directives and closed non-essential businesses and schools. Emergency response to the pandemic is underway, with health and safety of immediate importance.

As the architectural and engineering (AE) community adapts to working remotely and others adjust to the new normal, it is imperative that planning for recovery begins now. Clients will soon begin to look to their trusted advisors within the AE community to help them evaluate the future as it pertains to their businesses, projects, and their needs within the overall built environment. The planning that the AE community is doing must include serious consideration of their clients’ needs.

Looking ahead, as the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, design professionals will be sought out to advise on a variety of topics, including:

  • Construction cost implications and trends – immediate and longer term;
  • Availability and viability of materials, assemblies, and long-term maintenance items;
  • Design and construction techniques as well as opportunities within those for different procurement strategies that impact schedule;
  • Agreements, terms and conditions, and how general conditions such as AIA A-201 account for current and near-term conditions, as well as new viral and biologic force majeure issues and liabilities; and
  • Dispute resolution and alternate methods to avoid dispute and delay.
    As your clients turn to your expertise to help advise on their projects as the recovery begins, research and up-to-date information becomes key. Design professionals will need to quickly sift through the myriad of information to filter out the key points that will be the most beneficial to individual clients.

If you have questions or concerns about navigating these issues, contact:

Jeffrey G. Landtiser, AIA, CPTED
Registered Architect
Senior Claims & Project Manager

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