RLB UK restructures healthcare sector with focus on three key workstreams

June 3, 2020.

RLB UK restructures healthcare sector with focus on three key workstreams

Leading independent construction, property and management consultancy, Rider Levett Bucknall UK has announced a restructure of its healthcare sector headed up by Partner, Stewart Binns as National Lead.

Taking the role alongside his existing position as head of Project Management in Yorkshire and Humber, Binns will lead the sector that has been realigned into three key workstreams, with new leads appointed from within the business to manage each workstream:

  • Capital programmes – James Costello
  • Estate strategy and masterplanning – Adam Hurst
  • Six Facet Surveys – Brook Smith

The workstreams align with core healthcare sub-sectors Acute, Primary and Mental Health and are central to RLB’s national healthcare plan and strategy.

Binns, who joined RLB in 2018 after heading up the health division at Turner and Townsend, commented, “Healthcare is a sector that has shown strong growth at RLB.  It has therefore made sense to pause at this point and realign our structure and teams to ensure that we have the right expertise in the right place to be able to service our clients now and in the future.”

“Healthcare continues to be one of our central areas of growth as a business,” continues Andrew Reynolds, Chief Executive of RLB UK. “If the last few months have shown us anything it is how crucial healthcare provision is to all our lives and ensuring that we have healthcare estates that are maintained, adapted and agile will continue to be of national importance. We believe our new structure will support the drive for best practice and to deliver the best outcomes within the sector.”

Photo: Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth

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