Building magazine: Industry facing host of issues trying to plot recovery, RLB forecast warns

June 18, 2020.

Building magazine: Industry facing host of issues trying to plot recovery, RLB forecast warns

“Fragility underlies confidence within the market” is how Building magazine recently reported RLB’s thoughts on the Tender Price Forecast for Q2. Covering off commentary on the economic forecast, the article also features regional and sector insights and the predicted impact of COVID-19 on the tender prices. Here is an extract from the article.

Hockey stick-shaped comeback the most likely for construction, consultant adds

Rider Levett Bucknall has warned the industry is facing a host of problems as it tries to plot a path to recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.

The firm’s latest tender price forecast said top of firms’ in-trays were productivity rates, access to materials, worries over an overseas workforce deciding not to head back to the UK and concerns about upcoming pipelines of work.

It said overhead and profit levels are tightening, while main contractors were looking to increase competition amongst the supply chain, through bigger tender lists, which would impact on the bottom line of suppliers.

And it added the industry’s “overwhelming concern has been for pipeline status. Fragility underlies confidence within the market.”


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