Blessed with stunning natural wonders and incredible wildlife, Botswana is one of the great safari destinations in Africa.

Gaborone, its capital, is home to the RLB Pentad office in Botswana. Often called ‘Africa’s fastest growing city’, Gaborone is a melting pot of vibrant Tswana and African culture combined with a modern western lifestyle.

Initially, the Botswana satellite branch was managed from South Africa. With the recent appointment of Fred Selolwane as managing director of RLB Pentad in Botswana, this branch now operates locally.

RLB Pentad is proud to have provided services for projects such as the Gaborone International Convention Centre, Botswana Accountancy College and the Bank of Botswana.

Fred Selolwane

Unit 32 Kgale Mews,

T +27 72 622 9852

Current time: CAT