As the second largest city in the state of Arizona, Tucson and its surrounding region offer an abundance of diverse culture, landscape, and historic attractions, such as the spectacular Saguaro National Park, all within a short drive from the city.

RLB’s Tucson office opened in 2009, stemming from our belief that a local presence can better service clients’ needs.

As the city expands, RLB is becoming an integral part of providing construction cost and project management services for projects that make the area a better place to live.

The Sun Link Tucson Streetcar for example, the city’s largest construction project to date, now connects five major activity centers in central Tucson, linking many businesses and housing projects along the way.

RLB’s presence in Tucson enables us to bring local industry expertise and knowledge to every client project, adding value throughout all phases of construction. Our key services are construction project management, cost management and advisory services, delivered by a team of expert construction consultants.    

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