Located north of Macau, Zhuhai is a prefecture-level city in southern China.

Since 2006, our office has been working on various developments including residential, industrial, commercial, hotel and resorts. Our team is also providing our quantity surveying services to several projects under development in the new free trade zone of Hengqin Island.

Due to the rapid growth of casinos and hotels in Macau, our team has also been helping the Macau office with projects such as the Macau University Campus.

Danny Chow

Room 1401-1402,
14th Floor,
Taifook International Finance Building,
No. 1199 Jiu Zhuo Road East,
Zhuhai 519015,
Guangdong Province,

T +852 2823 3910
E danny.chow@hk.rlb.com

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