Kingston University London, Knights Park, School of Art Kingston University London, Knights Park, School of Art

Kingston University London, Knights Park, School of Art

Client: Kingston University London

Services: Cost Management & Quantity Surveying


Knights Park is one of five teaching campuses at the University and is the only single-faculty campus, housing the Kingston School of Art. Rider Levett Bucknall UK (RLB UK) is appointed to provide cost management services to the University under a 5-year framework agreement.

The Details

RLB UK was initially engaged to undertake an options appraisal feasibility study to identify and review a range of new build and refurbishment options to upgrade teaching facilities, to meet modern standards and attract staff and students. The study considered academic requirements, adjacencies and the wider estates strategy to identify the best fit solution that also minimised impact on the operation of the campus.

The feasibility identified a phased plan of new build and refurbishment to deliver a range of facilities and provide a focal point for the School of Art.  Due to a lack of alternative overflow space, the works have had to be phased to enable the buildings to remain largely in occupation throughout the development.

RLB UK was subsequently appointed to provide full pre and post contract quantity surveying services on the first phase of work on the campus which comprises the new build extension, refurbishment, over-cladding and re-fenestration of buildings as well as the complete replacement of life expired mechanical and electrical systems.

The facilities created include workshops, print making facilities, photography studios, AV suites, green screen facility, a digital media workshop and post production editing rooms. In addition, there is 2,000m² of flexible studio space for fine art, fashion, graphic design and illustration.

RLB positively engaged in the stakeholder briefing process to ensure we had a good understanding of the users’ requirements and that adequate allowances were built into the cost plan from the outset.