Microsoft Beijing West Campus, Beijing, China

Client: Microsoft (China)

Services: Cost Management & Quantity Surveying

The Design

Located in the Zhongguancun Science Park West, this was the first high-rise project for Microsoft in the world.

Due to urban density, two towers consist of 15 to 18 storeys. To establish a connection with nature, the towers were divided into multiple sections. Each section contains three storeys with a sky garden. Through vertical circulation within the tower, the occupants experience the collaborative spirit of Microsoft.

The Details

The Microsoft Beijing West Campus is located Zone Lot 17 and Lot 19-2. Completed in 2010, the Microsoft project occupies two of 20 office towers on campus.

Microsoft employees work in an environment with a similar spatial scale as the Microsoft campus in the United States. In essence, this is a vertical Microsoft campus in Asia.

RLB’s local knowledge and international experience ensured that Microsoft Beijing West Campus was a cost-effective development.