Cost Management & Quantity Surveying

RLB Pentad is expert in all aspects of cost consultancy

Services include cost estimating and cost management, value engineering, production of bills of quantities, tender and contract documentation, financial administration of building contracts, and dispute resolution.

RLB Pentad focuses on the business needs of the customer

It aims to deliver cost management services that enable our clients to make informed decisions in relation to their property assets. The range of services is enhanced by the firm’s sector expertise, and experienced construction cost estimators who provide guidance throughout the project cycle.

RLB Pentad can quickly produce detailed, accurate and comprehensive cost surveys for clients 

It maintains a large, comprehensive library of current and historical cost data and unit rates, compiled using information derived from the many projects handled by the practice.

Scrutinising and Analysing Tenders and Quotes 

RLB Pentad scrutinises tenders for construction and trade packages. Its experts use accurate, detailed quantity measurement and justified market pricing to identify and resolve discrepancies.

Feasibility Studies

RLB Pentads retains internal benchmark information that enables its construction cost managers to provide expert solutions to complex challenges. From the earliest stages of a project, the company’s experts can assess if the project requirements can be achieved, and if needed, can promptly deliver viable alternatives.

Construction Cost Modelling

Construction cost modelling is a dynamic tool that RLB Pentad’s experts employ to analyse alternative design options. Working with clients, they explore multiple scenarios, and pinpoint the most cost-effective options for particular building projects.

Budget Estimates and Construction Cost Planning

In conjunction with design and construction teams, RLB Pentad produces detailed cost plans which create the basis for key cost management documents.

Pre-Construction and Construction Cost Management 

RLB Pentad plays a major role in managing construction costs after the client has signed off on the budget. The firm’s construction cost managers continually perform alternative cost studies and cost control throughout the design development, value engineering and construction phases, including the change order process.

Construction Economic Analysis

RLB Pentad conducts research and analysis of economic information and undertakes construction cost analysis, to deliver according to its clients’ instruction and requirements.

Risk Analysis and Risk Management

By advising the project team on strategies for identifying and minimising specific risks, as well as managing risks, RLB Pentad ensures timely and cost-effective facility completion.

Value Engineering

RLB Pentad will work with the project team and, where required, facilitate workshops in order to undertake a structured review at key project stages, to ascertain that the project is meeting the functional requirements of the brief.

Procurement Advice

Based on the client’s principal objectives in relation to cost certainty, quality of design, workmanship and program, we can undertake a review of these objectives and provide recommendations in relation to the optimum procurement method to best achieve these objectives.

Tender and Contract Preparation and Evaluation

Preparation of tender and contract documents, which provide details of the project requirements and clearly identify responsibility for risks.

Among the tendering and documentation services offered by RLB Pentad are:

  • Preparation of bills/schedules of quantities or schedules of rates
  • Preparation of bid documentation for tendering contractors
  • Strategic advice of method of project procurement and tendering
  • Advice on suitability of contractors for tendering lists
  • Review of tenders received, reconciliation to budget and recommendation of the most suitable contractor
  • Attendance at tender interviews

Pre- and Post-Contract Cost Control

A key element of RLB Pentad’s role is to manage the costs within the approved project budget through:

  • Proactive cost checking of design development
  • Value engineering
  • Alternative cost studies
  • Post-contract cost control including change order process

Property development advisory

As part of RLB Pentad’s suite of services, it will render a complete feasibility study that will provide its clients with the necessary information to make an informed decision on a prospective property development.

Forecasting Cash flows and reporting on actual cash flow

Using historical data, we can accurately project cash flows and report on a monthly basis against the forecast figures to our clients.

Financial Close-outs

Successful financial close-out is one of the most important tasks we proactively manage from the early stages of a project, to stay in control of the project’s finances, and report in a timely manner on matters which may affect the final outcome of the project.