Cost Management & Quantity Surveying

RLB provides full cost management services from conceptual and detailed cost estimating, cost planning, cost control and construction risk management to bid and contract documents, financial administration of construction contracts and dispute resolution analyses. The firm’s construction cost managers have experience producing detailed cost estimates for all building types. RLB also advises building owners on sustainability practices and specific regional variances.

Bid Evaluation and Reconciliation (Contractor/Supplier Selection)

RLB scrutinizes bids for construction and trade packages. Its experts use accurate, detailed quantity measurement and justified market pricing to identify and resolve discrepancies.

Construction Cost Modeling

Construction cost modeling is a dynamic tool that RLB’s experts employ to analyze alternative design options. Working with clients, they explore multiple scenarios and pinpoint the most cost-effective options for particular building programs.

Construction Cost Planning

In conjunction with design and construction teams, RLB produces detailed cost plans that create the basis for key cost management documents.

Feasibility Studies

RLB retains internal benchmark information that enables its construction cost managers to provide expert solutions to complex challenges. From the earliest stages of a project, its experts can assess if the project requirements can be achieved and, if needed, they can promptly deliver viable alternatives.

Life-Cycle Cost Modeling

RLB’s cost managers analyze capital and life-cycle characteristics of individual building components or entire structures. They model and forecast these elements over the lifespan of a facility, to best understand the long-term impacts of capital investment decisions.

Pre-Construction and Construction Cost Management

RLB plays a major role in managing construction costs after the team has signed off on the budget. The firm’s construction cost managers continually perform alternative cost studies and cost control throughout the design development, value engineering, and construction phases, including the change order process.

Special Construction Cost Studies and Reports

RLB undertakes special market surveys and construction-cost studies to explore factors that can influence project constructability, including local cost and construction data.

Specialized Mechanical Systems Cost Advice

Based upon their comprehensive technical knowledge, RLB’s team of specialists is able to provide cost advice in relation to mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. 

Tender and Contract Preparation and Evaluation

The experts at RLB prepare tender and contract documents, which detail the project requirements and identify responsibility for risks.

Risk Analysis and Risk Management

By advising the project team on strategies for identifying and minimizing specific risks, as well as managing risks, RLB ensures timely and cost-effective facility completion.