RLB responds to market demand with new carbon service offering

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Responding to growing market demand for sustainability measurement, independent construction and property managing consultant, Rider Levett Bucknall (RLB) has launched a new global carbon calculation service, utilising global data from across its worldwide business to support clients with carbon quantification and net zero strategies to realise their carbon goals. 

With embodied carbon emissions expected to account for 50% of all emissions in new construction up to 2050, the new RLB sustainability service will provide clients with carbon measurement and decarbonisation planning across the whole building life cycle. Supporting clients to meet their carbon reduction targets, the service will also contribute to reporting requirements, risk management, and adherence to compliance, bringing financial benefits as well as operational efficiencies. 

Green Procurement  

Latest results from RLB’s Procurement Trends Survey 2024 found that there was:

  • A 19% increase (to 33%) in contractors reporting the need to provide whole life carbon assessments, showing a shift in a more focused approach to sustainability measures;
  • 27% of contractors also reported that tenders explicitly communicate project sustainability objectives, and 
  • 24% of tenders are asking for open commitments to reduce waste during construction.

The carbon calculation service will support tenders and clients’ ESG commitments and provide decarbonisation planning and net zero road maps. 

The Race to Green 

There is a growing need for action across the built environment. In the data centre sector a recent RLB survey said over 90% of respondents were planning to act on sustainability, yet fewer than half have put these plans into effect with only 31% measuring and reducing the embodied carbon of materials, highlighting the gap between intent and much needed action by property owners. 

Heather Evans, Global Chair of RLB’s Sustainability Committee, commented,

“We know that buildings are responsible for 39% of global carbon emissions, and therefore as an industry we can make a massive difference to global warming and global net zero ambitions. However, to be able to make this difference we need to measure, benchmark and implement strategies to reduce our carbon emissions. This new service offering allows us to combine our cost management expertise and sustainability knowledge with RLB’s global, independent data to support clients wherever they are in their carbon journey and achieve their sustainability goals.” 

“Making our industry sustainable has to be our number one priority. But to do this we need to understand the steps we need to take to get there. Our new global carbon calculation service will support our clients and the industry in becoming one step closer to reaching carbon neutral.” 

Andrew Reynolds, RLB Chief Executive, UK & Europe

For further information on Embodied Carbon Calculation Service visit our service page, Embodied Carbon Calculation, Assessment & Guidance


Heather Evans
Heather Evans

Partner – National Head of Sustainability