A message from our new Global Board Chair

"It is my great honour to take on the role of Global Board Chair of RLB and to step into the role of my predecessor, Andy Reynolds. I have had the privilege of sitting on the Global Board for more than a decade and am proud to contribute to RLB’s next phase of growth."

Around the world, RLB’s work shapes the way people live, the way our cities function, and the way our planet prospers. Our talented teams play a pivotal role in helping clients bring imagination to life.


I would like to acknowledge all that Andy Reynolds has achieved for our business, clients and colleagues during his tenure. Andy has championed a ‘one team’ mindset that has connected 4,500 colleagues across 34 countries. His commitment to our people and our company values has been inspiring.


I would also like to extend my appreciation to Kenneth Kwan, Russell Lloyd and Richard Anderson, who step off the Global Board after making exceptional contributions over many years. Kenneth (RLB HK) was one of the first directors appointed at the formation of the global practice and was Global Board Chairman from July 2019 to June 2022. Russell (RLB UK) and Richard (RLB Auckland) both offered thoughtful and generous leadership during their tenure. These colleagues pass the baton on to new Global Board Directors, Anderson Chan (RLB HK), Andrew Fettes-Brown (RLB UK), and Steve Gracey (RLB Auckland) and we are fortunate to have their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm.


RLB is putting the finishing touches on our next strategic plan which lays out our global vision for the firm between now and 2030. Our focus is to grow RLB’s market share and service offering while staying true to our culture as a values-driven, ethical and independent business. It will be the responsibility of the Global Board to lead our people and to deliver the processes to support this plan.

Several visionary projects are already underway, aligned with this strategic plan and responsive to the global megatrends reshaping our industry and the world.

Advances in digital technology and artificial intelligence are already transforming the way we work, presenting boundless opportunities as well as unknown challenges and risks. RLB is currently building a global data warehouse that capitalises on the strength of our global footprint to find new sources of competitive advantage.

The Global Board is currently leading a process to review and refine our company values to ensure they continue to resonate with RLB teams. These values, shaped by our people, will be embedded throughout our business globally in the coming year.

Our enhanced sustainability services, set to launch imminently, highlight our dedication to promoting superior environmental outcomes through our projects. We equip our team with the essential tools to serve our clients effectively. By advancing the sustainability of our operations and those of our clients, and by setting an example within the industry, we aim to realise our vision of creating a better tomorrow for all.

As the future comes into focus, RLB will remain a trusted advisor, proud of our independence and expertise, and committed to doing the right thing for our clients and society. I am excited to lead the Global Board in this new term.

Peter Tulla
RLB Global Board Chair (from July 2024) RLB Oceania Board Director