Covid-19: Global Survey Report, Issue 9

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Russell Lloyd


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Edition 9 of the RLB Covid-19 Survey completes the year since our first Covid-19 Survey. Our analyses over the year record a global construction industry that has responded flexibly and pragmatically to an unprecedented set of circumstances.

In that time, the virus has circled the globe in successive waves, health crises being accompanied by economic standstills. The construction industry around the world began the pandemic by being very seriously affected by site shutdowns. However, it was then but was then held in most countries to be vital to economic wellbeing, so once health measures were in place, sites re-opened and work carried on, albeit with some effects on costs and programmes.

However, despite mass inoculation programmes being rolledout around the world, the downstream effects of the changes to working life and life in general, remain to be seen. With Edition 9, RLB begins to look forward, beyond the pandemic, to delve into what may lie beyond, in relation to work, life and play, and the junction of that with construction industry activity.


Russell Lloyd
Russell Lloyd

Partner - National Head of Cost Consultancy