Project and Programme Success


When your next project success depends on balancing quality, cost and time constraints, our team of specialist program and project managers can help.

Project Programming & Program Management


Project Programming & Program Management

The best decision is always an informed one. But how do you know you’re getting the right information at the right time? RLB’s experts are adept at assessing information from every angle – whether that’s to help you produce a robust contract or to understand the potential risks of cost and schedule changes. We know trust is built on getting the basics right – but we don’t let detail obscure the big picture vision. Our team will ask yours the right questions to help you turn aspiration into amazing outcomes.

Success starts with the specialists

When your project is simply a sketch or a plan on a page, where do you begin? The best ideas always come from the best people. RLB’s experienced team is skilled at laying the groundwork with feasibility studies and constructability reports, design and construction programs, staging plans and more. And we know how to improve programming governance before a shovel hits the dirt, ensuring your project stays on track.

Balance time and cost constraints

The old cliché is true: time is money. That’s why every successful project starts with an understanding of the cost and time implications. But when you are planning, estimating and sequencing your next project, you need more than knowledge. You also need specialist skills. With strong technical capabilities, deep knowledge of best-in-class construction techniques and delivery methodologies, and the latest project planning software, RLB’s team can help you meet project timeframes and balance budgets.

Address complexity with confidence

Reviewing, monitoring and auditing a contract is a necessary part of any project – and sometimes you need an extra, expert set of eyes. You may need an audit and report on progress, independent certifier support for financiers, or advice on programming, project health checks and recovery planning. We can help you to reassess your areas of highest risk and move forward with confidence.

Choose a team that’s behind you all the way

Construction contracts can be challenging to navigate at the best of times. When problems do arise, you need a skilled, experienced team behind you. RLB can guide you through the project process, providing technical support and considered advice to help you avoid and resolve disputes. When you need some extra support, we can prepare claims, act as defence experts and provide strategic advice and negotiation on your behalf.



“Our multi-faceted and innovative project management services expertly steer our clients’ projects from concept through occupation while adhering to their budget, optimising value sustainably, attaining the desired quality within the established programme and according to the industry’s Health and Safety requirements”

Nicolas Sheard

CEO RLB Africa

Project Programming & Program Management


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Nicolas Sheard
Nicolas Sheard

Chief Executive Officer (RLB Africa)