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In South Africa, the Santa Shoebox Project holds a special place as a beloved children’s charity. This non-profit organisation facilitates the collection and distribution of gifts, thoughtfully packaged in individual, specially wrapped shoeboxes, to underprivileged children across South Africa and Namibia at Christmas time every year.

The project started in Cape Town with 180 shoeboxes back in 2006. Fast forward 17 years, and it has become a heart-warming success story that has touched countless lives. To date, over 1,1 million Santa Shoeboxes have been lovingly donated, becoming a nationwide movement with over 1,000 recipient facilities eagerly awaiting the arrival of these cherished shoeboxes every year.

What makes the Santa Shoebox Project truly special is its personal touch. When you become a donor, you get to personally select the child or children you’d like to support, with their names, ages, and genders specified. Inside these magical boxes, the children will find essential items, some sweet treats, a playful toy, school supplies, and a brand-new, age-appropriate outfit – all chosen with love and care.

It’s not just individuals who are spreading the joy; many companies are embracing the spirit of giving by pledging Santa Shoeboxes as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility programs. In the spirit of spreading joy and making a difference, Natanya Bronkhorst, a Candidate Quantity Surveyor in our Pretoria office, reached out to her colleagues, and her passion was infectious. With the noble goal of pledging 20 shoeboxes on behalf of RLB, she inspired the entire team.

Thanks to the boundless generosity of our Pretoria staff members, some of whom pledged an incredible four shoeboxes each, as well as the support of the employees’ partners and family members, we proudly donated 50 shoeboxes to this amazing cause. A sincere thank you to Natanya for leading the way in the RLB contribution and to all who took part.


Nicolas Sheard
Nicolas Sheard

Chief Executive Officer (RLB Africa)