The $16.8 billion, 33-kilometre Westconnex motorway is the largest road infrastructure project in Australia’s history.



With its sparkling harbour and beachside suburbs, Sydney is among the most dynamic and fast-growing cities in the world. But that growth comes at a price, as congestion is expected to cost Sydney more than $15 billion a year by 2031.

Enter the $16.8 billion Westconnex project – a 33-kilometre tolled motorway that is the largest road infrastructure project in Australia’s history.

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    Sydney Motorway Corporation
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    Cost Management & Quantity Surveying
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    Sydney, Australia

More than a motorway

As the lead cost planner on this game-changing project, RLB understands that Westconnex is more than a motorway. Westconnex has also delivered $20 billion in economic value to the state of New South Wales and made life easier for millions of people on their daily commute. As first consultant appointed to the project, we’ve been there since Westconnex was a line on a piece of paper. We are very proud of our work at every project stage – from early costings and feasibility studies through to value management and negotiating a final price with contractors.

“Delivering complex infrastructure is challenging. Flawless execution demands intelligent solutions, innovative implementation and the best people. This has been RLB’s successful formula on Westconnex – and the fact that we’ve been appointed to each stage of the project is testament to our impeccable service delivery.”
Stephen Mee, Managing Director, RLB

WestConnex eases congestion, creates jobs and connects communities.

Australia’s growing population and cycle of infrastructure catch-up has seen more than $100 billion in transport investment in just three years. Westconnex is an infrastructure megaproject that rivals any globally.
Featuring a 22-kilometre long tunnel – Australia’s longest road tunnel – Westconnex links the city’s burgeoning West with the Sydney Airport and Port Botany.

With work on some of the world’s biggest infrastructure projects under our belts, RLB had the expertise and experience to assess the economic, social and environmental impacts of Sydney’s most important project since the Harbour Bridge.

  • $
    Australia’s biggest piece of road infrastructure
  • 10,000
    direct and indirect jobs created during construction
  • 610,000
    tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions saved each year

The best results come from the best people

When the final stage of Westconnex is open for business, motorists will be able to bypass up to 52 sets of traffic signals from Beverly Hills to Parramatta. By smoothing out traffic snarls and speeding up the daily commute, Westconnex will cut congestion, saving an estimated $6 billion each year. It’s a big number – but the best results come from the best people. It’s not just about the dollars. As Westconnex shifts traffic and heavy vehicles underground, local streets are being returned to local communities – with 23 kilometres of new and improved cycleways and 18 hectares of open space unlocked for Sydneysiders to enjoy.

Smart and sustainable

At RLB, we recognise environmental stewardship is central to our future and sustainability is about doing things better and smarter.

Westconnex has eliminated bottlenecks, cut commuters’ travelling time and encouraged more pedestrians by removing cars from local streets. The result? A saving of 610,000 tonnes of carbon emissions each year – the equivalent to powering 73,000 homes for a year or planting 10 million seedlings.

We are proud of our work on Westconnex, which has been recognised with the tick of approval from the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia.