达沃市, 菲律宾


Dubbed ‘the first durian-inspired residential Eden in the Philippines,’ Inspiria is a strategically located 21-storey condominium in the heart of Davao City.

Envisioned as an icon of the city, it depicts Davao’s famous fruit. Durian is a large, spiky fruit, native in the Philippines, with a sulphuric smell and a rich, sweet taste.

Similar to the fruit’s rind, the building features a façade with protrusions and jagged edges. It will also offer one-bedroom durian-inspired suites.

Standing on a 2,130 square-metre lot, it consists of 320 residential units, 36 office units, commercial spaces and parking. It includes naturally ventilated hallways, advanced wastewater treatment technology, and a centralised cistern tank to serve as a catch basin for rainwater.

RLB in the Philippines is providing full quantity surveying and project/construction management services.

Photo: Gardenstate Enterprises Inc.


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    Gardenstate Enterprises Inc.
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    造价管理及工料测量, 项目管理
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    达沃市, 菲律宾