Graduate Program

Professional Internships

If you have ever experienced a world class NFL stadium, learned about a hospital providing advanced healthcare to rural areas, or visited an innovative, energy-efficient building, setting new standards for green energy targets and thought to yourself – ‘I want to be a part of that’, then our internship program is for you.

At Rider Levett Bucknall, we recognize the value and skills that students can bring to RLB through our internship program. These opportunities allow students to gain hands-on experience in all facets of the company.

We pride ourselves in providing long-term career avenues for our interns. Many have joined our team as part- or full-time staff. Some have also had to opportunity to transfer to any one of our many offices in North America.


  • Practical project experience
  • Ability to earn an income while studying
  • Working on a variety of projects
  • Flexibility around your university schedule
  • Resources to support study such as library, equipment and software
  • Full-time or part-time work opportunities
  • Networking opportunities
  • Structured career progression

Internship durations are tailored to the individual need and the school requirements. Some of our interns stay with us as little as three months to a year. They also tend to come back each summer to receive additional training.

Must be currently enrolled in an accredited school with an emphasis on the industry.


  • How do I apply to an internship program?
    • There are several different ways to apply for our internship program. You can submit your resume online through our website or you can apply in-person at one of the many career fairs we attend throughout the year. Check with your school today for schedules and our participation.
  • What does a day in the life of an intern look like?
    • Our Interns are working on real projects, not templates put together for practice. You will work with your mentor and peers on various projects that will provide learning beyond the classroom.
  • What experiences will I gain from this internship?
    • An internship is an opportunity to take the first steps in your career in a supervised and guided environment. You will use the knowledge you’ve learned in the classroom on real life projects and hopefully learn something from us as well!
  • How does the internship process work?
    • Once you submit your resume you will be contacted for a phone interview or an in-person interview if we feel that we would be a beneficial partner for you and your career goals. From there you will meet with the team in the city of your internship where they will discuss what your goals are along with giving you more information about their current projects. If an offer is made you will be given time to make a decision on if RLB is the right partner for you.
  • What is the likelihood of staying on with RLB after my internship?
    • Many of our interns have had the opportunity to join our team as part-time or full-time staff after their internship has ended. Some have also had the opportunity to transfer to one of our many offices in North America. The sky’s the limit after a successful internship!

Professional Apprenticeship

Have you ever driven down a metro city and seen a skyline filled with tower cranes, or been awestruck by an iconic building with dynamic design, and said to yourself, ‘I want to be a part of that’, then our Professional Apprenticeship may be for you.

Our Professional Apprenticeship is a four-year program, providing you with the opportunity to continue your education while getting hands-on experience in the field, and financial assistance for your education.

The Professional Apprenticeship is designed to be a longer-term educational experience for the individual. Similar to our Professional Internship program, they are offered real work experience in their field. However, Professional Intern’s stay with us is much shorter, while the Professional Apprentices will have more time with us for different opportunities within the organization.

Our Professional Apprenticeship is approximately four years, dependent on the intern’s schedule and office availability. The apprenticeship will start with students in their sophomore year.

Professional Apprenticeship candidates must have completed a diploma or degree in a construction-related field, or be currently studying for a relevant qualification. The program will be open to Sophomore year students and above for those pursuing the relevant degree.


  • What are the benefits of being a Professional Apprentice?
    • Longer term work experience that allows for more educational/training opportunities. Right out of graduation, the intern will have been provided the training to know what to expect in their first role after college.
  • What does the hiring process look like?
    • The hiring process for a intern is a little different from conventual hiring. Those who are interested need to apply for the position by the contact information below and complete an application with an essay portion. Interns being considered, will need to participate in an in-person interview.
  • What are Professional Apprentices responsible for?
    • We have interns responsible for the same daily tasks as a regular employee, which the exception that they will be provided on-going training and mentoring to learn the profession. They will be working on real projects and able to provide their input as well. They will gain experience in their field of choice as well as the other components of the business, such as Business Development.
  • Why should I become a Professional Apprentice?
    • If you would like to have a head start on your career, then the Professional Apprenticeship is for you! You will have been working in the industry, with some great benefits long before graduation giving you a jump start on your career. The program provides a unique opportunity for advancement and growth within the organization.
  • How can I apply?