Infrastructure that meets today’s challenges

and inspires a better future



Our cities are growing exponentially, technology is advancing at lightspeed and our planet faces a host of big challenges. Our world is changing fast – and our infrastructure must too.

Infrastructure – from roads and rail to power and ports – connects people to transport, essential services and economic opportunities. However, our global investment in infrastructure must reach US$94 trillion by 2040 to keep pace with our changing world.

We’ve been in the city-shaping business for more than 230 years, and with a footprint in 41 countries, we have the experience and the local expertise to deliver infrastructure that inspires a better future.

The bedrock of a better world

As the world shrinks, RLB’s global network grows. We tap into the top talent and best ideas from around the world to bring infrastructure projects to life.

  • 465
    projects underway around the world
  • 15
    years experience as global specialists
  • 2400
    projects delivered over the last decade
Infrastructure that builds a better world for all

In many countries, infrastructure constraints cut business productivity by around 40 per cent. This statistic alone explains why the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals emphasise infrastructure as the foundation of prosperity, productivity and a better world for all.

Innovative road and rail projects cut congestion and connect people to jobs. Freight, port and aviation projects enhance national productivity. And large-scale solar, wind and water projects support a sustainable future.

Best and brightest minds

As technology transforms the way we live, it also provides lasting solutions to some of the world’s toughest challenges. To support a sustainable future and stay ahead of the curve, RLB has forged strategic partnerships with some of the best and brightest minds in the world’s leading universities. Whether we’re delving into big data and BIM, investigating augmented reality or autonomous vehicles, we’re bringing imagination to life – and that means better infrastructure for everyone.

Ingenuity and fresh ideas

As infrastructure projects expand in scale and complexity, the risks are clear: budget blowouts, capacity constraints and fluctuating political agendas among them.

Navigating this minefield demands a deep understanding of the infrastructure lifecycle, from inception to completion. Experience must be matched with ingenuity and fresh ideas. Infrastructure doesn’t stand still. And neither does RLB.