Project Management


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Project Management

Planning and action need to exist in balance, and one without the other can be detrimental to a project. Being able to keep an eye on the strategic plan while effectively pushing things forward as part of a well-oiled machine is what we do at RLB. There’s no “off-the-shelf” solution, and our expert team of project management specialists are adept at compiling robust contracts, integrating multi-faceted project components, and directing the efforts of the design and construction team.

Collaboration is an essential part of your project’s success

While teamwork is easy to talk about, it’s much harder to implement effectively. Teamwork is developed and earned over time, and that collaboration is essential not just because it's a better way to learn but because it’s an essential part of achieving project success. We collaborate and manage the dynamics of a project team to allow members’ work to contribute to effective communication, transparency, and partnership to meet project goals safely and successfully.

Success starts with specialists

You and your team work hard to be the best you can be, but sometimes your ideas can be bigger than your capabilities. That’s where the specialists on RLB’s experienced team can help make those ideas a reality, even before a shovel hits the dirt. Our team is skilled at laying the groundwork with feasibility studies and constructability reports, design and construction programs, staging plans and more. Enhancing your team’s strengths with our specialists allows you to create a better tomorrow though flawless execution today.

Balance time and cost constraints

Defy the old adage that you can’t balance time, costs, and quality when it comes to commercial success. It takes more than knowledge to effectively plan, estimate and sequence a project to bring your time, costs and quality into balance. You also need specialists with strong technical capabilities, and deep knowledge of best-in-class construction techniques. The specialists at RLB can bring that expertise and help you meet project timeframes and balance budgets.

Choose a team that’s behind you all the way

Construction contracts can be challenging to navigate at the best of times and going into the proverbial battle alone can be daunting. When problems do arise, you’ve got strength in numbers with the skilled, experienced RLB team behind you. Our team can guide you through the project process, providing technical support and considered advice to help you avoid and resolve disputes. When you need some extra support, we’ve got your back.

Experience & Capabilities

Empowering success through expertise

  • Construction Document Management

  • Contract Administration

  • Contract Procurement

  • Design Management Support

  • Procurement Strategy & Management

  • Site Management

  • Specialist Consultancy & Coordination

Value & Impact

How we’ve helped others meet their challenges



Healthcare at the heart of community

Rising from the snowy tundra of the Arctic Circle lies Utqiaġvik, the northernmost community in the United States. In 2013, 50 years after opening its original wooden hospital, the town once known as Barrow snipped the ribbon on a new 9,300 sqm (100,000 sq ft) state-of-the-art healthcare facility.

“My relationship with Rider Levett Bucknall spans over a decade. In my experience, RLB has been instrumental to project success, assembling project teams that provide a value to throughout the life of a project. Their people are highly skilled in their fields and demonstrate a commitment toward serving the best interests of their clients.”



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