Advancing through global learning

Global Experience Exchange Program (GEEP)



To develop best practice and knowledge sharing across the global practice, RLB introduced the Global Experience Exchange Program (GEEP) in 2017.

Global Experience Exchange Program

RLB employees selected to participate in the program spend up to one month working at one of the firm’s world-wide locations.

The objectives of the program are to build the company’s international network, promote the sharing of business knowledge and expertise, and encourage personal development.

Participants are required to share business process or technical knowledge from their home country, and to learn elements of business and technical practice in the host country to share with their local office upon their return.

Continuing Professional Development sessions

Participants are required to run two Continuing Professional Development CPD sessions – one in the host office and one in their home country. As part of the application process, employees are required to outline the broad idea and content of the CPD session.

Current host offices

Australia – Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney
Hong Kong/China – Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai
Middle East – Dubai
New Zealand – Auckland, Wellington
North America – Denver, Phoenix, Hawaiian Islands
South Africa – Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria
South Asia – Manila, Singapore
UK – Birmingham, London, Manchester

  • The GEEP program provides the opportunity to build and establish international relationships amongst staff, and puts them out of their comfort zones to see how our global team members work and live in their respective communities. Through the GEEP program I was able to travel to London and became immersed in on their project teams. I was able to observe the inner-workings of their team and take that experience back with me to my home office in Phoenix.

    Jesse Zunke, Associate