NLand Surf Park, <p>Austin, Texas, North America NLand Surf Park, <p>Austin, Texas, North America

NLand Surf Park,

Austin, Texas, North America

Client: 9th Street Capital

Services: Project Management


NLand is North America’s first surf park and resort featuring waves for pros and novices alike in a lagoon the size of nine football fields. With a deep commitment to sustainability, a state-of-the art water catchment system was designed to ensure guests only surf on raindrops. Rain is channeled through a system of pipes and trenches into a wet pond where it is bio-filtered before it moves to a deep reservoir for storage and eventually through a filtration system to replenish the lagoon.

NLand partnered with Spanish engineering firm Wavegarden, widely considered the world leader in wave technology.

The Details

RLB acted as Owner’s Representative and Project Manager in all stages of the project, leading the teams responsible for NLand’s design and construction.  Responsibilities included providing tailored and flexible strategic cost planning during pre-construction and project milestones, as well as project management throughout construction and close-out. RLB’s role included advising on construction contracts, preparation of construction bid packages, analysis and recommendation of contractors and collaboration with the design team.