Sustainability & Carbon


Helping your business establish strategic solutions that deliver material outcomes on your sustainability objectives.

Sustainability & Carbon

Financial cost is only the initial measure of value of your project.  Meaningful change comes when the broad range of return-on-investment opportunities are considered/examined/investigated. Our team of experts can assist you in identifying, measuring, and managing the carbon emissions of your next project, to unearth new environmental and social values.
From strategy to implementation, we will work closely with you to help you make your sustainability ambitions become a reality.

Align ambition with actionable goals

Committing to action is the first step. Translating your commitment into real-world action that must produce measurable results is a key skillset we offer in the development stage of your program or project. Our role as your sustainability specialists is to bring clarity and confidence to this process; working with your team to peel back the layers of your objectives, seeking to understand your specific sustainability motivations, then identifying key measurable outcomes to achieving your goals within your timeframe.

Coordinating our skills to match your needs

We align our skillsets to match your outcomes with industry best practices, market drivers, and compliance with legislative requirements, resulting in a strategy that has outcomes benefiting your business, the environment, and your community. Through close collaboration, we turn your ambition into real-world results.

Work with a partner you can trust

When you choose RLB, you have a partner that is also on a sustainability journey.. We have established a global carbon policy that aligns our business with international frameworks such as the sustainable development goals and global targets set out in the Paris Agreement; committing to achieve net zero emissions by 2030 as a global business. Understanding the challenges ahead, we are confronting them just like you. This hands-on experience brings a relatable perspective and comprehension of the value of your commitment and the challenges that your business faces. We measure our success by the accomplishment of your desired outcomes. Ultimately, we are not successful until you are.

Envisioning a sustainable future

Businesses and society are at a pivotal moment in history. The world is approaching ecological thresholds and the need to take meaningful action and fuel change has become imminent. By setting sustainable goals - such as net zero emissions - as a decision maker, you can invest in meaningful and measurable change. Decisions today can mitigate climate risks, add value to your company’s operations through adaption and resiliency, and realize a return on investment. The built environment is accountable for nearly 40% of global carbon emissions. Recognizing where the biggest impacts come from, such as specifying a low-carbon concrete, our sustainability services team can provide expert advice to help you make smart, sustainable choices on a portfolio level or at every stage of your project’s lifecycle. Whether it is building a case to uplift the energy efficiency of your portfolio or individual asset, considering a green building accreditation, decarbonizing your existing building’s systems, conducting a life cycle assessment throughout the design and construction, or providing guidance on a program level, we are here to help you make confident decisions to attain a sustainable future.

Experience & Capabilities

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Sustainability & Carbon


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