Addressing COVID-19 – Shut Down Tips

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Taryn Harbert


Taryn Harbert


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With shelter-in-place directives becoming more far-reaching, now is the time for risk managers and procurement staff to think about project shut-downs. By being proactive, you not only protect your clients’ interests, but just as importantly, you’ll be ready to resume the project when given the go-ahead to do so. Among the steps you should take:

  • Review—and clearly understand—the terms of all contracts
  • Know the implications of shutdowns and restarts for unions and trades
  • Make a complete record of the site, using both written and photographic documentation
  • Determine actions for safety and security. Should equipment be left in-place or returned? What kind of site-security provisions will be needed during shutdown? How can materials already on site be protected and stored?
  • Compile the current status of labor hours and schedule performance
  • Complete a valuation of work at the time of shutdown

Not only do these actions establish a baseline for reactivating a project, they also establish you as a trusted advisor for your clients. Construction has always been an intensely collaborative effort; now more than ever before we in the AEC industries need to work as a team to ensure continuity and quality in our businesses. If you have questions or concerns about navigating these issues, Rider Levett Bucknall is ready to assist.