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Julia Flores, Associate Principal

Every year, Rider Levett Bucknall (RLB) aims to recognize an employee who is enthusiastic and always delivers exemplary service.  We recognize this employee with our Henry George Award.

The Henry George Story

In 1962, a young English Quantity Surveyor named Henry George was sent by Stanley Jones, the Sydney office Partner, to Brisbane to handle a project and, if possible, get enough additional work to start an office there. Henry not only got enough work to start an office, but he did so well that by age 26, he was made Partner.

Over the next 30 years under Henry’s guidance, offices were also established in Townsville, Cairns, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast (and for a time in Rockhampton and Mackay). He played a leading role in convincing the other Directors that the Company could be successful in North America and therefore should make a major effort to establish a practice in the U.S. Without Henry’s tireless support, the North American offices of Rider Hunt Levett & Bailey (now known as Rider Levett Bucknall) may not have been established.

In addition to Henry’s role in expanding company operations, his training and leadership was outstanding. In fact, five cadet quantity surveyors trained by Henry George went on to become Directors of the company. Recognizing the qualities and traits that made Henry George so successful, the Board established the ‘Henry George Award’ given out each year for the most outstanding employee. 

This Year’s Winner

We are excited to announce this year’s winner – Julia Flores from our Denver office. Julia demonstrates excellence through her positive attitude, engaging and kind demeanor, and tenacious work ethic to help both her colleagues and clients.  

As expressed directly from Julia’s nominations:

“Julia goes above and beyond to get her work done and meet client expectations…She will also set aside time to attend an event, client lunch, conference, etc. And she truly excels at building relationships with clients, and with colleagues.”

“Julia is always willing to take time out of her schedule to answer questions and provide assistance with anything MEP related. Despite being flooded with projects and meetings Julia never fails to follow through on her word and meet deadlines and is a great team member.”

“Julia understands the importance of building relationships with our clients. It is rare to find someone who is so charismatic and so passionate about their technical work.”

“Julia is a role model to all that surround her. She steps up when tasks need done and doesn’t pass off work or make excuses. She is a significant contribution to our Denver office and to her department. She is a resource of knowledge to engineers and admins alike.”

“Julia always provides a positive attitude and willingness to help.”

At RLB we believe in advocating for staff to develop meaningful careers which leverage the unique contributions of our people in order to bring innovative solutions to our clients. Julia is a prime example of how exemplary staff help us to bring imagination to life for our clients.