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In 2006, the Oregon Zoo set out to document a 20-year zoo master-plan that included nine projects and focused on animal welfare and emphasized education, youth leadership, environmental stewardship, and local and international conservation efforts.

The $57-million enlargement of the on-site elephant enclosure from 1.5 to 6 acres, includes multiple habitats for elephants to travel freely between, and a building with multiple visitor viewing levels.
Other features include 20 unique feeding stations to mimic foraging for food in the wild, and a 160,000-gallon, elephant pool. The entire exhibit was designed to allow the elephants more room to live in large family groups, as they would in the wild.
Oregon Zoo is the oldest zoo west of the Mississippi River and continues to be the number one admission-based attraction in the State of Oregon.
RLB initially provided cost management services in support of the master planning efforts. With a successful bond, our role then continued to full cost management services for various other exhibits including the Condor Exhibit and African Lagoon.

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