Meeting the Needs of a Rapidly Growing City



UCHealth, a large Colorado Healthcare system serving the general Rocky Mountain area, opened a new health center serving Cherry Creek and the surrounding integral neighborhoods of metro Denver, bringing much needed primary, advanced and specialty care more conveniently located to the population.

The myriad of services provided including a women’s care center, cancer care, state-of-the-art imaging including a Linear Accelerator, a machine that directs radiation at cancer tumors with pinpoint accuracy that required special construction requirements, as well as an outpatient surgery center.

Between the advanced technological services in the building and the overall finishes, Cherry Creek Medical Center has become an exceptional addition to the UCHealth system.

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    Denver, United States

Expanding services to meet the needs of the community.

At the project’s inception, UCHealth started as only a tenant planning to occupy 2 floors, however the decision was made to occupy the building as UCHealth Medical Center, becoming a much larger and impactful project.

RLB monitored and amended budget and schedule concerns from the very first estimate through to completion, ensuring our client had the best information to make key decisions resulting in a successful new medical building built in a busy, crowded section of Denver to best serve the surrounding community.

“Our goal with UCHealth has always been to truly understand what they would like to achieve, put ourselves in their shoes, and advocate for their best interest. When we are truly vested in our clients and their success, it shows. This gives us the ability to evolve the relationship to a trusted advisor position and really use our skills and insight to help them bring imagination to life and ultimately achieve their desired outcome.”
Peter Knowles, Executive Vice President North America, RLB

Having the opportunity to assist a long-time client in a remarkable addition to their healthcare system was an opportunity to blend RLB’s service lines and tailor them to ensure the best outcome for our client. With our team involved from conception, we were able to add tremendous value to the UCHealth team and project generally.

Bringing state-of-the-art Healthcare services to the communities of Denver.

With thousands moving into the Denver Metro area, keeping up with the demand of core facilities has become extremely important.

Delivering on time and on budget

RLB ensured the project stayed on budget and on schedule from concept to completion as the scope of the project drastically changed into providing a new Medical Office Building with UCHealth,

  • $66
    construction cost
  • 89,000
  • 249
    parking units

Best Outcomes for the Patients, Best Outcomes for the Community

Tailoring and shaping our services to align with UCHealth’s core objectives and needs and viewing the project as a team performance has enabled us to position them for project success. We make sure to collaborate with UCHealth staff, the design team, general contractors, and facility managers, all while understanding UCHealth’s key goals and objectives. This insight allows us to seamlessly integrate with project teams to minimize risk, eliminate uncertainty, and support UCHealth in any capacity that we are needed.

Certainty Brings Success

RLB assisted UCHealth in achieving commercial success by reviewing and analyzing construction schedules so that the facility can become operational on its anticipated date and begin providing patient care as soon as possible.

Project cost certainty was paramount in UCHealth’s expectation of successful project delivery. RLB’s role in providing cost certainty commenced at day one when UCHealth determined the need for the new medical office building which will required the construction of a new facility and the improvements of the built out space. RLB continued to provide assistance to ensure cost certainty throughout the life of a project.