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Offering clients the level of certainty they need to make critical, real-time decisions to ensure the commercial success of their healthcare projects.

Our 2024 healthcare market insights document keeps industry leaders and clients apprised on how to set their projects up for success through procurement strategy. We also keep you informed on healthcare construction cost drivers and what information like this means for the future of the sector.

Selecting a procurement strategy affects cost, schedule, quality and team relationships and is fundamental to project success.

With healthcare construction already up 12 percent over the same period last year, there are no signs that projects are slowing down. That leaves healthcare facilities, owners and managers trying to best manage their time and resources for a growing number of projects.

A range of construction procurement options are available to help owners and managers oversee projects. Selecting the most appropriate procurement strategy for a project is fundamental to its success. It affects cost, schedule, quality and team relationships.

The procurement method is driven by the structure of the project team, which includes the owner, owner’s representative, architect, engineers, managers and contractors. It can play a crucial role in project optimization.

Four procurement methods are commonly used, and depending on the project’s scope, choosing the best method can help an owner or manager operate as efficiently and effectively as possible.