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A career in construction is not a one-size-fits-all picture.  In fact, pursuing a career in construction may not even look at all like what you’d expect it to.

What does a career in construction look like?

There are careers in construction that involve the trades – those who are the physical backbone of the built environment, trades like carpentry, sheet metal, pipefitting, plumbing, and electrical.  With the current shortage in skilled labor, a career in a skilled trade is viable, dignified career option with abundant opportunities and benefits. 

But did you know there are careers in construction that don’t involve trades?  You could have a career as a project manager, overseeing the pre-construction and construction process.  Alternatively, you could be a cost manager in Seattle, or a forensic construction scheduler – identifying potential delays and working with project teams to overcome them. 

Did you know there is an entire niche of marketing dedicated to the AEC world?  You could be a marketing coordinator, helping grow the business in our Denver market and leading proposal efforts.  The world of construction is truly multi-faceted in its career opportunities.

How RLB Celebrates #CICM

October is Careers in Construction Month; a nationwide campaign held every October to increase public awareness and advocate the value for careers in construction.  At Rider Levett Bucknall we are proud to be making an impact on the future of the built environment and to create opportunities for careers in this industry.

If you’ve ever seen a stationary tower crane on a construction site and marveled at the progress made as a building evolved from a frame to a structure, to a stunning architectural façade, then a career in construction might be for you.  There are abundant avenues to pursue and career paths to consider. 

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