Rider Levett Bucknall Expands Shareholder Platform and Raises Growth Goals

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  • Rider Levett Bucknall Expands Shareholder Platform and Raises Growth Goals
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New forward-facing program reflects the firm’s confidence and commitment to a company culture that builds business by empowering employees

International property and construction consultancy firm Rider Levett Bucknall (RLB) is taking a major step in its long-term strategic vision to evolve the company, announcing the expansion of shareholders in the North American group to 26 individuals working across its 21 offices in the United States and Canada.

The new program opens up shareholder status to employees at the Associate level and above who demonstrate outstanding performance and potential. RLB shareholders directly benefit from the company’s continuing success and are responsible for electing the company’s Board of Directors.

“With this initiative, we are doing more than investing back into our employees. We’re instilling a genuine sense of ownership in them, which informs their service to our clients.”

Julian Anderson, President of RLB North America
Laying the groundwork for growth

Since its founding in 1992, RLB North America has averaged 17% growth each year. Going forward, the company is setting an aggressive expansion target of 20%. The new program supports the firm’s sustainable business model by increasing the retention of top-quality team members and attracting new talent. This further strengthens RLB’s standing as an independent, privately-held corporation—particularly notable in a time where private equity is making inroads into the AEC industries and accelerating mergers and acquisitions are shrinking the field.

Introducing the new RLB North America Shareholders

RLB welcomes the following individuals as shareholders:

  • Ryan Bosworth
  • Joel Brown
  • James Casey
  • Julia Flores
  • Cassie Idehara
  • Daniel Junge
  • Guia Lasquete
  • Emile le Roux
  • Josh Marks
  • Sal Martinez
  • Chris McCarthy
  • Jordan Miller
  • Kirk Miller
  • Paraic Morrissey
  • Michael O’Reilly
  • Bronson Pai
  • Kaulana Park
  • Melanie Saunders
  • Cathy Sewell
  • Catherine Stoupas
  • Marci Utakis
  • Maelyn Uyehara
  • Peter Vavaroutsos
  • Aaron Woodward
  • Jesse Zunke
  • Ron Zurcher