Sport infrastructure that inspires today

and shapes a better tomorrow



The language of sport may be universal – but that doesn't mean all sport venues are the same.

Each bespoke project brings together a host of variables: type of sport, spectator capacity, ownership model and fan expectations among them.

Our innovative thinking, global benchmark data, unmatched combination of global expertise and local knowledge, and our flawless execution push the boundaries off the field as much as the athletes do on it.

A truly global track record of success

Our work on world-class ‘cathedrals of sport’ are enjoyed by millions of fans and add value to cities around the world.

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    major sports arena and event projects underway
  • 20
    global specialists in sport infrastructure and events
  • $
    billion sports projects supported over the last decade
Achieving a gold medal performance

The journey to hosting an international sports event can take up to a decade – but we’re there every step of the way.

Our expertise with new stadiums and major sport events starts at the feasibility and bidding stages, and spans everything from legacy strategy and operational costs to procurement and delivery of major construction projects and games operational temporary facilities.

Whether the challenges are technical, political or cultural, we draw on deep global experience to help our clients navigate a complex multi-stakeholder process.

Delivering a lasting legacy based on a sound business plan

Sport infrastructure often stands long after the medals have been tallied or the teams head home. Billions of dollars can be spent hosting major sporting events, but expensive and neglected stadiums are often a lingering, unwanted symbol.

While trends in technology, user experience and urbanisation keep the goal posts moving, we know that sport infrastructure can act as catalysts for urban regeneration, anchor communities and add real value to cities.

At RLB, we cost sport venues with our eyes firmly fixed on long-term value – and that means delivering a great sport experience today with enduring community benefits tomorrow.

Optimising fan experience and best value

For many clubs operating in a commercial world, on-pitch success is linked to financial performance off the field.

Ensuring stadiums maximise both the fan experience and revenue opportunities demands a delicate balance – one which RLB’s dedicated team delivers time after time.

Our global experience with sport infrastructure informs our expert due diligence, robust costings and sound business planning. With RLB’s help, you’ll make the right decisions at the right time.



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Having over 4,300 people based in over 120 offices across more than 40 countries, means we work on landmark Sports projects across the globe.