A clear commitment to develop all our people has been at the core of our business since the outset. We support and enable our people in their continued professional development through annual events and training helping them to stay connected, engaged and inspired.

Global People Development

At RLB we take a global perspective on talent retention to provide the best career paths, remuneration, and training targeted to different career stages.

We offer both technical and non-technical development programs, along with many opportunities to apply and practice these skills in the workplace. Our people are supported to share their methodologies and expertise in taking ambitious projects from an idea to reality.

  • Core Skills Webinars

    Core Skills Webinars provide a forum to share industry feedback, knowledge and experience across our network of offices.

  • Subject Matter Development Forums

    Subject Matter Development Forums provide our people with an opportunity to improve their skills, share their knowledge, and adopt best practices identified.

  • Future Leaders Conference

    The Future Leaders Conference connects our emerging professionals. It offers discussion topics to enhance their skills and increase their involvement within RLB and the property and construction industry.

  • Skills Sharing

    Skills sharing seeks to share expertise and resources in existing services to deliver efficiently and develop global experiences.

  • Global Communities

    Global Communities create opportunities for individuals in key subject areas to collaborate on topics as required.

The opportunities continue to grow as we do and you’ll be guided to find your way through structured and continual learning.


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