Commercial Success


With experience costing some of the world’s best projects, deep expertise and real-time data, we prioritise our clients’ business objectives to deliver cost management services that get the balance right.

Cost Management & Quantity Surveying

The secret to every project’s commercial success, regardless of size, is to balance quality against costs. To help our clients achieve value for money, we offer a host of services from preliminary cost planning to value engineering, advice on comparative costs, materials selection to buildability to post-contract services.

Feasibility Studies

An accurate feasibility study is an essential prerequisite to any procurement decision-making process. A reliable feasibility study assesses the project’s viability and offers alternative solutions if the numbers just don’t stack up.

Whether a simple developer’s return on capital cost feasibility is required or a detailed discounted cash flow feasibility, we can provide expert analysis and materials.

Our dynamic cost benchmarking data, together with expert cost modelling, helps our clients to review alternative design options, explore ‘what if’ scenarios and identify the most cost-effective options within the parameters of the brief.

Financial Institution Auditing

Our two-step approach to financial institution audits achieves the best outcomes for our clients. At the pre-commencement stage, RLB expands on the items identified in the financier’s brief with a full analysis of all risk-related issues. The result is a comprehensive profile of the project. During the post-contract stage, RLB provides detailed cost-to-complete assessments. This ensures adequate funds, should the financier be required to initiate step-in rights.

We also prepare a pre-commencement report that outlines everything from project costs and adequacy of project documentation to authority approval monitoring, progress payment assessments and recommendations.

Post-Contract Services

Cost certainty during the construction phase relies on robust methodology and skilled staff. RLB applies proven cost management, monitoring and cost reporting procedures, and leads a productive working relationship with the project team. To manage the costs within the budget and support the project business plan, we:

  • Review progress claims for work in progress and recommend payment values
  • Monitor documentation changes
  • Prepare regular financial statements estimating final cost
  • Measure, price, and negotiate variations
  • Structure agreement of final account
  • Attend meetings to represent the financial interests of the client
RLB is focused on doing the job right the first time. RLB’s team are diligent, thorough and always ask a lot of questions. In our industry, everything is always urgent – and RLB always delivers.

Steven De Pasquale, Senior Development Manager - Mirvac

Tendering and Documentation

With a global cost database and powerful software out our fingertips, we provide accurate and detailed tender documentation on some of the world’s best projects. We can:

  • Preparation of bills/schedule bills of quantities or schedule of rates
  • Preparation of bid documentation for tendering contractors
  • Provide strategic advice on methods of project procurement and tendering
  • Advise on suitability of contractor tender lists
  • Review tenders received and reconciliation to budget and recommend contractors
  • Attendance at tender interviews

Value Engineering & Value Management

Delivering value against the project business plan is always a key measure of success. By integrating value and cost management, RLB has developed a powerful and dynamic approach that delivers the best outcomes. We lead participatory workshops with our clients to challenge options and design assumptions, and to encourage creative and lateral thinking. With a laser focus on both value and cost during the design phase, we deliver savings to the bottom line.

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