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Disruptive technology and the experience economy, geopolitical instability and new market entrants are shaking up the sector, driving hotel and leisure operators to reposition their assets as distinctive destinations.

Hotel operators must always peer over the horizon. But as consumer expectations expand and margins remain tight, working with RLB brings fresh perspectives.

We draw on our global talent pool of cost, project, surveying and advisory specialists to rethink the ratio of guests to space, explore new uses and investigate dynamic business models – all to diversify our clients’ customer base and secure long-term commercial value.

The best outcomes from the best people

Our strong relationships and repeat business with iconic brands – from Disney to MGM, Hilton to Hyatt –boosts our knowledge of world’s best practice and up-to-the-minute benchmarks.

  • 45000
    hotel rooms delivered across five continents
  • 5528
    rooms delivered in our largest hotel
  • 100
    clients worldwide
Entering the experience era

As technology and social media reshape tourism, how do you build loyal customers and long-term assets in a world of constant change? At RLB, we know consumers crave unique local experiences and dynamic destinations. The secret is to create memorable places for people.

A long-term lens on leisure

Whether it’s theme parks or casinos, the global leisure sector is growing rapidly. Casinos are cropping up around the world, especially in Asia, as the global gambling market is expected to reach revenues of $525 billion by 2023. Meanwhile, more than 250 million people visit one of the world’s top 25 theme parks each year. With our deep database and our global network of experts, we offer our clients independent advice and flawless execution in a fast-moving sector.

Standing the test of time

With more than 17 million hotel rooms around the world, the global hotel inventory has grown by 18% over the last decade. But as the sector grows, so does its carbon footprint. Savvy hotel operators understand that hospitality doesn’t mean providing a memorable experience at the environment’s expense. With a long track record costing green building projects, RLB helps our clients look beyond short-term solutions to sustainable assets that stand the test of time.



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