Asset Optimisation


With extensive experience optimising assets throughout the property cycle, we deliver innovative, cost-effective solutions that can trim budgets and uncover new value.


We are driven to ensure our clients’ assets operate at maximum efficiency for the longest time and at the lowest cost. It’s a challenge, but one we relish.
Certainty of budget expenditure drives many of our clients to look for long-term strategies that span the life of their investment. Total operating costs can often equal several times the initial capital cost. Our experienced team works with owners and occupiers to help them understand the total impact of their buildings.

Among our strategic services, RLB can:

  • Deliver total asset management planning to ISO standards
  • Provide asset recognition and rationalisation
  • Analyse costs and benefits to determine the best options
  • Advise on sustainability and environmental performance issues
  • Undertake whole-life cost modelling.

Asset Relifing

We help our clients to sweat their assets. RLB has pioneered life-extension and repositioning studies to optimise the use of buildings. This methodology helps our clients to identify if, when and where to spend their money to capture remaining asset values and extend the life of existing buildings.

Facilities Consultancy

As the drive to create smart, sustainable assets grows, and as technology develops at pace, the challenge is not only to maximise and measure the performance of built assets. It is also to optimise the efficiency of those assets for both building owners and occupiers over the long term. To help our clients make the most of their assets through the entire life cycle, we can:

  • Deliver facilities management planning and building quality assessments
  • Audit facilities and operational performance
  • Forecast maintenance planning and operating expenditure
  • Conduct performance reviews, benchmarking and post-occupancy evaluations
  • Undertake space audits and utilisation studies

Risk Mitigation and Due Diligence

Information is power, and our clients are increasingly looking for more detail to assist with decision-making, enhance value and mitigate risks.

We help our clients plan for their next projects by conducting risk assessments to review the scope of required work, identify and analyse project risks, prioritise key issues, and develop risk management action plans.

Among RLB’s key advisory services to help you mitigate risk on your next project, we can:

  • Review the scope of required work to identify project risks
  • Forecast capital expenditure
  • Prioritise key issues
  • Develop risk analysis and customised risk-management action plans
  • Assess insurance replacement costs assessments
  • Undertake technical due diligence (for owners, vendors, purchasers and tenants)
  • Advise on services procurement, outsourcing, compliance, and supply chain issues.
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RLB deserves its reputation as one of Australia’s leading quantity surveying firms. As independent certifier on Lendlease’s Darling Square, RLB was timely, responsive and a pleasure to work with.

Geoff Robinson, Development Director – Residential & Urban Regeneration - Lendlease

Property Taxation

The best financial, compliance and management outcomes can only be achieved with the right taxation advice. And that requires the best people behind you.

RLB’s experience in property taxation covers all asset types. We provide proactive reporting and analysis of taxation changes – and help you to understand how they may affect your real estate decisions, including capital gains tax, land taxes, rating assessments and stamp duty.

We provide advice on capital allowances and property tax assessment, depreciation, inventories and asset registers, as well as changes in tax legislation, as you optimise both existing assets and new projects.

Procurement Strategies

Choosing the best procurement strategy is at the heart of any project’s commercial success. But in a market of escalating costs, this is easier said than done.

With each client’s principal objectives in mind – from design quality and workmanship to cost certainty and program – we provide recommendations to achieve the optimum procurement strategy.

With our vast experience and knowledge behind us, RLB works with our clients to examine the issues and evaluate project or service delivery. We can:

  • Deliver needs analysis and brief definition
  • Undertake feasibility studies
  • Assess options for clients to develop, own and lease
  • Negotiate contractual arrangements
  • Monitor and certify projects
  • Lead workshops to uncover value engineering options.

RLB’s expertise and experience extends to property transactions, services procurement, outsourcing operations and supply chain management. Our clients want certainty in contractual outcomes, which is why they turn to RLB.