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Please join me in recognising exceptional staff performance through our Special Thanks and Recognition Scheme, STARS.

As an Oceania-wide, peer-nominated program, the STARS Awards recognise impact, leadership, entrepreneurship, mentorship, and industry and community engagement, as well as outstanding performance in service delivery.

This year 13 RLB team members have been recognised with a STARS award.

Customer Service Excellence Award

Bianca Christensen – Senior Quantity Surveyor, Melbourne
Bianca’s dedication to customer service excellence has been evident, particularly on the complex Victorian School Building Authority projects encompassing over 65 phases. Bianca actively integrates client feedback, contributing to RLB’s growth and success.

Tim Giles – Senior Civil & Infrastructure Estimator, Perth
Tim’s impactful contributions over the past two years have enhanced the Perth office and elevated RLB’s industry standing. With a commitment to excellence and mentoring, and expertise using the Candy estimating software, Tim has played a pivotal role in project success.

Siobhan Neville – Senior Quantity Surveyor, Christchurch
Siobhan’s remarkable work implementing a complex software system into a major billion-dollar project has garnered excellent client feedback, elevating RLB’s presence on the project beyond the usual scope.

Value Creation Award

Michael Baker – Quantity Surveyor, Christchurch
Michael’s exceptional impact at RLB is epitomised by his pioneering work on the Revizto quantity tracking tool. Looking beyond its initial purpose, he harnessed the tool’s potential to automate quantity extraction from model updates, creating a dynamic tracker and dashboard.

Shane Kelly – Associate, Melbourne
Shane’s adept implementation of innovative management processes, such as the adaptable resource measurement approach, has streamlined operational efficiency, enabling informed decision-making in resource allocation.

Teamwork Collaboration Award

BOQ Team – Geraldine Reyes, Eunice Banzuela, Jacqueline Dale, Carmen Florea – Senior Quantity Surveyors, Melbourne
The exceptional performance of the BOQ team is evident as they consistently surpass responsibilities and deliver successful outcomes for developers and contractors. The team is recognised for their precision, efficiency and meticulous attention to detail.

Corporate Social Responsibility Award

Samantha Anile – Marketing & Communications, Melbourne
Samantha has nurtured the partnership between RLB in Victoria and Refuge Victoria (RV), a non-profit organisation aiding victims of family violence. Samantha’s collaboration with RV has made a difference to the lives of victims of family violence and strengthened team culture.

Cathy Ellis – Business Management & Project Officer, Newcastle
Cathy has a natural affability and ability to inspire people to support her vision. This quality is an asset to the causes she supports, including the Pink and Bling Newcastle Event, a successful fundraiser for the Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation.

Young Achiever Award

Monique Alexander-Stevens – Quantity Surveyor, Wellington
Monique’s involvement in projects such as the Frank Kitts Park Playground, especially amid contractor liquidation, showcases her adaptability. Her presentations at local institutions reflect her commitment to upholding RLB’s industry standing.

Ali Reza Khawari – Cadet Quantity Surveyor, Melbourne
Ali’s impact since joining the Melbourne office has been remarkable, especially considering his late start in education, grade 6, and grappling with English and maths in Australia. He has swiftly grasped quantity surveying concepts, processes, and applications, establishing himself as a valued team member.

Special Thanks And Recognition Scheme (STARS)

The STARS Awards recognise staff who demonstrate outstanding achievement in activities that are aligned to the RLB vision and strategic goals.

They also support the firm’s values of recognising the unique contributions of our people, leading by example and shaping the future of our industry, creating social value in the communities where we live and work, and forging enduring partnerships with our customers.

It’s an incredible source of pride and inspiration for me as Oceania Chairman to see the many ways our people are nurtured and developed at RLB resulting in their work bringing powerful impact to the community and world at large.

Congratulations to the 2023 winners for actively demonstrating the RLB values in action.

Who will you nominate for the 2024 STARS?

It is not too early to start thinking about who you might nominate for the 2024 STARS Awards!

To recognise a colleague or team who demonstrates the RLB values in action, please email with the name of the nominee to register your interest for the 2024 scheme. We will contact you when nominations open.

RLB values in action

  • Promoting fairness
  • Fostering belonging
  • Leading by example
  • Creating social value
  • Reaching environmental targets
  • Acting with integrity


  1. Bianca Christensen
  2. Tim Giles 
  3. Siobhan Neville
  4. Michael Baker 
  5. Shane Kelly 
  6. Geraldine Reyes
  7. Eunice Banzuela
  8. Jacqueline Dale
  9. Carmen Florea
  10. Samantha Anile
  11. Cathy Ellis
  12. Monique Alexander-Stevens
  13. Ali Reza Khawari