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Managing Director Stephen Mee is pleased to announce the appointment of Syidah Arnold as its new Associate Digital Lead.

In this newly created role, Syidah will champion the digital agenda for RLB in NSW to drive innovation and capability.

She will oversee digital strategy in line with the firm’s focus on strategic digital thinking to adapt to construction’s ever-changing digital landscape.

‘This appointment will complement our global digital advancement capabilities. Syidah’s experience and insight-led approach will help maximise how we deliver digital solutions to make a meaningful difference to our clients’ projects,’ said Stephen.

‘The Associate Digital Lead role recognises our commitment to leading the implementation of BIM and emerging technologies that support cost planning, procurement and cost management throughout the whole project cycle.’

‘We will continue to apply advanced technologies and to invest in our people, research and development, ensuring that we always stay at the forefront of digitalisation.’

Syidah has a unique combination of technical quantity surveying experience and a design background with degrees in both design and construction management.

She said: I’m inspired working in the technology space. The utilisation of digital developments such as BIM, digital twin, blockchain, artificial intelligence and data analytics in creating new business opportunities and improving workflow efficiencies is imperative to meet continuing demands and increasing client needs.’

RLB currently has 70 staff in New South Wales out of a total 4,000-strong workforce globally.

Building the firm’s Australian digital team will complement its award-winning global resources team, offering even greater insights and opportunities to drive business growth through digital innovation and efficiencies.

She will integrate digital solutions, develop and enhance RLB’s products and services, cultivate client relationships, and develop new business opportunities.

Syidah said she looks forward to the challenge of this newly created digital role because it broadened her exposure to different opportunities. ‘The digital lead is an opportunity for RLB to broaden our credentials. There is already some great work being done – now we have the opportunity to formalise that and raise our profile.’

‘I am excited by the amazing opportunities in this space in terms of building expertise and knowledge and being able to utilise learnings across RLB’s global practices and diverse industry sectors to get a full breadth of all that digital is capable of,’ she said.