Chris Marais celebrates 30 years at Rider Levett Bucknall

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  • Chris Marais celebrates 30 years at Rider Levett Bucknall
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Congratulations to Chris Marais, who recently celebrated 30 years with Rider Levett Bucknall (RLB).

Chris began his journey with RLB Queensland in 1994 at the Brisbane office. After four years, he was given the opportunity to manage the Townsville office. Under his leadership, the Townsville office thrived despite challenging market conditions, establishing itself as the leading cost consultant in North Queensland. Chris is highly respected by clients and team members for his professionalism, integrity, and mentorship.

In 2007, Chris was appointed RLB Oceania Board Director. In this role, he made significant contributions to the global RLB business, serving on several national and international committees. In 2013, he became Chair of the Global Marketing and Advisory Committee (GMAC). In 2023, Chris was appointed as an RLB Global Board Director. He continues to serve as the Director for Global, Oceania, and Queensland; Chairman of the Global Marketing Committee; and head of RLB’s latest global initiative, The Values Project.

Reflecting on his 30-year milestone, Chris expressed his gratitude:

I recognise that the numerous high anniversary milestones achieved at RLB are a true testament to the company’s character and values, its leadership, staff, and their unwavering loyalty. We are indeed an RLB family, and I applaud the many colleagues who have reached these significant milestones, with some even celebrating 40 years with the company.

Peter Tulla, RLB Oceania’s immediate past Chair, praised Chris’s significant contributions:

“Chris has consistently championed a culture of excellence with clients, staff, committees, and industry partners. His efforts to strengthen the RLB brand nationally and globally through his involvement in global committees and workshops have been invaluable. Chris helps RLB harness the skills, ideas, and experience of exceptional people to solve our clients’ problems and address the challenges facing the communities we serve. ESG and digital technologies are disruptors with unparalleled growth opportunities, and RLB continues to lead thoughtful and practical responses, guided by experts like Chris.”