We’ve always been innovative in our approach to encouraging and embracing diversity, as evidence shows that a diverse and inclusive workforce produces a diversity of ideas, and so is more productive and profitable. Since being one of the first to put in place ground-breaking paid maternity leave, we’ve been passionate about enabling all kinds of people to do better and be better.

Today, our business is immersed in Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) strategies and policies that permeate every level and area in which we work. We have an established D&I Steering Group made up of staff who represent all parts of our business, to oversee the implementation of RLB’s D&I Strategy, with a main Board Director sponsor and an HR Officer responsible for day-to-day implementation and enforcement of our D&I action plans. From graduate to senior management, everyone is encouraged to influence and implement the policies as a positive force in our everyday work and let them guide our evolution.


We believe that:

  • We should build a diverse and inclusive environment where each person can be themselves, feel valued for their contribution and be challenged and supported to reach their full potential
  • We have a responsibility to support the communities in which we live and work, and that our workforce should reflect these communities and our clients
  • Our talent strategy should enable us to overcome bias in the construction industry by recruiting, retaining, developing and promoting a diverse and inclusive workforce

These beliefs are central to our commitment to raise awareness and embed improvements around diversity and inclusion. This includes encouraging underrepresented groups into construction, implementing policies which encourage people to remain in the industry, developing future leaders, and implementing succession programmes.

It’s this inclusive ambition that underpins our vision of creating a better tomorrow by shaping the future of the built environment.