Project and Programme Performance


Our dedicated team supports the delivery of complex projects and programmes that meet core objectives and protect client interests.

Project Management

In these changing times – economically, technologically and environmentally – having a robust project management strategy in place is more essential than ever before. Understanding the ever-evolving factors influencing each project, including the impact of technology, innovative ways of working as well as environmental issues, is vital.

We have the tacit knowledge, developed over the past 30 years within Region to best support our clients in achieving project success. We are a client focused, people centric organisation that insists on delivering service excellence every time. Our core Project and Programme Performance services include:

Project Management & Employer's Representative

RLB regularly represents the employer. In this way, the client’s requirements are met and the important parameters of cost, quality, and program are achieved for a successful outcome.

Our tailored services to meet the needs of the client can include;

  • Acting as client’s project management representative throughout the project
  • Establishing the building brief and clear strategy for the development
  • Developing robust project processes and governance to structure the delivery model for all stakeholders
  • Develop a master programme comprising the main activities, interfaces and constraints of the development forming a baseline against which progress is monitored
  • Developing and selecting the correct Procurement Strategy and procuring the right Design Team
  • Overseeing the necessary structure and administrative duties throughout the design process by way of deliverables and communication management.
  • RLB safeguards the clients brief and when required, implements structured change control procedures that enables clients to make informed decisions
  • Working effectively with the Cost Consultant in their role to provide cost advice and budgetary control from initial feasibility to completion
  • Construction contract administration duties
  • Close monitoring of Contractors performance against the established baseline programme and quality requirements
  • Chairing and administering project and site meetings
  • Establishing a reporting format that is tailored to a specific clients need and reporting frequency
  • Implements effective risk management procedures to proactively manage future constraints on the success of the project
  • Oversees the project commissioning and handover process in accordance with any specific FM requirements of the client

Integrated Design Management

RLB offers Design Project Management services to help designers deliver more with less. Design Teams can concentrate on their core service while our Design Project Managers focus on the program of deliverables and contract commitments. We include an option to co-locate with the Lead Designer to be at the heart of the design team.

Our Approach is based on a clear understanding of the design process, through our experience of working closely with and as part of design teams. We bring about solid management techniques without stifling creativity, and tailor our scope to meet the specific needs of a project.

Our Personnel are familiar with the problems experienced by design teams. We understand that this is different to traditional project management. We integrate into your team, acting as both a buffer and a link. We filter and respond to queries and issues, and facilitate solutions.

Our Services typically commence upon appointment to the design team, but can begin with bid preparation and/or cease on the issue of tender documentation. We perform the essential monitoring role, coordinating the delivery of all design team members and bringing our bespoke toolkit to deliver a wide range of services.

Project Evaluation & Monitoring

As part of RLB’s project management process, we assess the successful outcome of projects by regularly undertaking post-project evaluations.

Our experts go beyond studying quantitative outputs to exploring qualitative outcomes and broader impacts, allowing them to identify good practices.

All data captured can be tailored to the nature of the project and specific needs of the client (who may include other parties such as PFI consortia) to help improve their project delivery processes and give them robust, independent feedback.

Project monitoring is vital to ensure projects are delivered on schedule and within budget. Our construction project management team tracks and reviews actual project accomplishments and results, comparing them to the original plans for the project. This provides visibility into progress as the project proceeds. Should the project performance vary significantly from the original designs, the team can take corrective action before it’s too late.

Our services have always been based on industry best practice and guidelines from the various professional bodies for example the RICS, CIArb, CIOB, BIFM, etc.

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Risk Management & Risk Mitigation

RLB understands that clients and stakeholders are increasingly requiring more detailed information, to ensure a level of confidence is achieved and maintained in terms of enhancing value and mitigating risks.

Construction risk management is an integral and proactive part of responsible construction project management, and a source of proven benefits. With extensive experience in the administration of construction contracts, we minimise risks to clients through an optimal allocation of risk to the contractor.

RLB utilises methods that parallel the Association of Project Managers’ Project Risk Analysis and Management (PRAM) process.

Our services include;

  • Risk assessments to review scope of required work
  • Identify project risks,
  • prioritise key issues,
  • provide risk analysis and
  • Developing custom risk-management action plans
  • Due diligence procedures for acquisition and disposal situations
  • Counsel on insurance replacement costs

Refurbishment & Fit-out Works

Our project management services relate to projects across all stages, helping our clients through feasibility, design procurement, construction and handover.

RLB recognises that different sectors and clients have varying needs and we offer project management services that can be tailored to provide the right service level for our clients to achieve the best project outcomes.

Whether a new fit-out or refurbishment project, our experienced multidisciplinary team drive the project forward safely whilst maintaining control of the budget, schedule and quality, in order to achieve the client’s strategic objectives.

Strategic Programme Management

The key difference between projects and programs, is that a program will deliver benefits that could not have been achieved if the projects were managed independently of one another.

To ensure the success of a program, it is imperative that delivery is not just controlled but optimised. The management of comprehensive construction projects, from inception to completion, requires detailed program planning. This starts right at the beginning.

By identifying and understanding the shareholders’ needs and expectations, RLB achieves clear and well-defined objectives that consume the least possible resources, and deliver overall business benefits to the client.

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