Commercial Success


Our independence and commercial approach allows our expert team to deliver the right project outcomes and deliver value for our clients

Cost Management & Quantity Surveying

RLB is expert in all aspects of cost consultancy. We deliver cost management services that enable our clients to make informed decisions in relation to their property assets, and guidance throughout the project cycle.

RLB maintains a large, comprehensive library of current and historical cost data and unit rates. This enables us to quickly produce detailed, accurate, and comprehensive cost surveys for clients.
Our approach to cost management focuses on the business needs of the client. We deliver a cost management service which optimises the relationship between the cost and quality of a project and a client’s cost objectives.

Our methodology involves close cooperation with clients at every stage of a project, considers all procurement routes, offers fully transparent accountability throughout, and helps ensure the right decisions at the right time.

Feasibility Studies

We provide our clients with reliable feasibility study information at the early stages of a project, to enable them to assess the viability of project opportunities and advise on the cost of various alternative planning and design solutions.

Our cost benchmarking data, together with cost modelling, is used as a dynamic tool to evaluate alternative design options and explore ‘what if’ scenarios to identify the most cost-effective options within the parameters of the brief.

Cost Planning & Estimating

RLB’s cost plans are detailed elemental budgets which form the key cost management control document. They are prepared in conjunction with the whole project team to ensure true ownership of the budget. All future changes are managed against the signed-off cost plan.

Our services include;

  • Preparation of preliminary elemental estimates based on preliminary designs
  • Preparation of detailed estimates and cost planning advice through design development
  • Estimating of building services
  • Participation and leadership in the value management process
  • Comparative cost studies and advice on cost-effective design solutions
  • Advice on materials selection and general buildability
  • Advice on selection of tenderers
  • Participation in design meetings and construction control meetings
Taking the time to inform the Client of best practice and RICS guidelines gives Clients confidence in our service delivery. As consultants, our advice should be honest, clear and concise.

Ross Maclean, Director Gulf States
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Value Management

The integration of value management with cost management is a powerful and integrated approach to the economic management of projects, especially during the design process.

Our strategic value management process is dedicated to the improvement of value obtained in capital expenditure. This is achieved through participatory workshops, which challenge option and design assumptions, and encourage creative and lateral thinking for better value solutions.

Life Cycle Costing

Life cycle costing is the process of quantifying the life cycle costs associated with a constructed asset, system or component, over a defined period of analysis. Operating and maintenance costs amount to several times the initial capital cost of assets therefore it is important to factor this in when considering any capital investment. Our life cycle cost studies can be used to effectively consider alternative options, inform client’s long-term asset strategy and demonstrate sustainability.

Tender Preparation and Procurement Advice

RLB performs all essential functions in preparing a tender for clients, including advising the most appropriate form of tender – from traditional, design-and-build, negotiated to two-stage tendering.

Services include:

  • Preparation of bills/ schedules of quantities or schedules of rates
  • Preparation of bid documents for tendering contractor
  • Advice on project procurement and tendering
  • Advice on suitability of contractor for bidding
  • Review of tenders received, reconciliation to budget, and recommendation and appointment of contractor
  • Attendance at tender interviews

Selecting the correct procurement strategy for a project is key to commercial success. Through our global network, we offer procurement advice, and can procure materials on behalf of our client.

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